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Nets reportedly lay out six steps for Irving to complete before return Tyronn Lue says there remains no timetable for Kawhi Leonard return D.C. native Durant says he would like to be part of new Commanders ownership group Three things to know: Jazz are 8-3, swept Los Angeles, and are… good? Report: ‘Strong voices’ urging Nets to rethink plan to hire Ime Udoka

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Nets finally disqualify star point guard Kyrie Irving for five games in response to a tweet promoting an antisemitic film (at the time, Irving refused to apologize or back down for the act, at least initially). This suspension will cost him almost $1.3 million, plus Nike has suspended its working relationship with Irving.

It’s a lot, but if Irving wants to get back on the court, more needs to be done. The Nets have laid out six steps Irving must complete in order to be reinstated, reports Shams Charania Athletic.

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Irving apologized on Instagram, but the Nets also want him to verbally apologize during a media meeting. Although he distanced himself from parts of the film in this online apology, it is debatable whether he condemned the film. He donates $500,000 to fight hate.

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As far as we know, trainings and meetings have not been held yet, but they can be quickly organized. The same with the meeting with team owner Joe Tsai.

it next to the steps Former Heat player Myers Leonard is in trouble after he used a derogatory name for Jews on Twitch while playing a video game. What Irving is being asked for is not unprecedented.

The NBA players union discussed the incident and the president of the union. CJ McCollum first spoke about this on Saturday via ESPN.

“I think the important part was that he apologized,” McCollum said…

“Now he shows sympathy. I think it’s a learning experience where I don’t think he understood the significance of the film because he didn’t watch it. I don’t think he understood the extent of the people affected, how they were affected, and how quickly hatred can spread and how it can snowball.”

Tsai was criticized for being slow to act and suspending Irving, though it was reported that his first intent was to make the moment instructive for the star point guard. In the end, he had to put his teeth in the Nets’ response, but the moves to get Irving back show that Tsai still sees this as a chance to teach a lesson, not just punish.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Kawhi Leonard For the eighth time this season, he missed a game for the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday night, and there is no timetable for his return yet.

Leonard has appeared in just two games for the Clippers since the start of the season on October 20. He averages 12.5 points, 6.5 rebounds and two assists. He missed all of last season while recovering from surgery for a partially torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee.

“We knew that after the ACL it would not be a straight line. We talked about it before the start of the season,” Coach Tyronne Liu said before the Clippers hosted the Utah Jazz. “The most important thing is that he is progressing well. We’re just going to follow the instructions of our medical staff. We have to be reasonable about the situation.”

Leonard did not join the Clippers during their recent two-game trip to Texas. Liu said that Leonard trains by himself.

“He’s progressing and getting better, so that’s the most important thing,” the coach said. “There’s really no timeline for when he’ll be back.”

The Clippers have high hopes of winning the franchise’s first NBA championship, and Leonard is actively involved in those plans.

The Clippers are 5-5 after losing to the Utah Jazz on Sunday night.

Daniel Snyder is finally selling the Washington Commanders. Probably. May be. No one believes what this person says, and for good reason. But even if he’s just testing the waters, a bunch of potential buyers lining up.

Kevin Duran, a native of Washington, DC, would like to be in these groups. Here is a quote via Nick Friedell of ESPN.

“In an ideal world, I would be part of it,” Durant told ESPN. “I would like to do it. I’d love to give some of my money to be part of the Commanders, but we’ll see. Hope it’s someone good. I have heard [Amazon CEO Jeff] Bezos and Jay-Z, but who knows.”

Bezos is one of the rumored names, as is 76ers co-owner Josh Harris. Mat Ishbia, head of one of the biggest mortgage brokers in the country and the guy who almost bought the Broncos, is also in business. The price is rumored to be $5 billion or higher (perhaps around $6 billion). Many people from the Broncos trade returned for the commanders.

Duran admitted he was surprised when Cynder put the team up for sale.

“I mean, how long has he had it – 20+ years?” Duran said. “Probably the only owner I know of since I live for Redskins/Commanders. So it’s definitely shocking to see him hang them because it’s his baby. NFL teams are priceless.”

It doesn’t look like Durant is far behind any potential new owners, but it won’t be a shock if whoever wins the bid turns to Durant. It would be nice in DMV.

Three Things is NBC’s five-day coverage of last night in the NBA. Verify Every weekday morning for what you missed the night before, plus the gossip, drama, and dunks that make the NBA a must-watch.

1) Jazz – 8-3, rolled around Los Angeles and … good?

One simple, but usually effective tool for determining who is a contender and who is not is whether he has a top 10 offense and defense. For example, in the West, 7-2 Phoenix Suns qualify.

So is the Utah Jazz.

The Jazz are 8-3 – a pace of 59 wins – and just swept through Los Angeles after they beat the Clippers on the stretch to win 110-102. The Jazz has a net rating of +5 (+3.7 if trash time is removed, still eighth in the league and better than 50 wins).

No one expected this outside the Jazz locker room. While the franchise was telling anyone who was willing to listen that they planned to win the games, it was met with eye rolls. The Jazz traded both of their biggest stars (plus…


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