Arcadia (CA) Rio Hondo Prep Edge Rusher Ryan McCulloch handed over to Cal Bears earlier today.

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Calling it the hardest decision of his life, McCulloch chose the Bears over the final four, which also included the states of Boise, Colorado, and Washington State.

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“It was a very difficult decision,” McCulloch said. “I have great relationships with many coaches and even with a couple of players on the teams, so this was the hardest decision I have ever had to make.

“I am very grateful to the coaches for giving me time and believing in me throughout this whole process. In the end, it was very close, but I feel great that the decision is behind us. I really wanted to make a commitment before senior year and now I can just focus on school and football.”

McCullochwho visited Cal back in May, said there were several reasons why he chose the Bears.

“I felt that Cal had the best combination of study and sports for me,” McCulloch said. “The education is great and there are so many opportunities for life after football.

“They really look after their graduates in Cal and vice versa. I also love the football program and the direction they are taking, so for me it was really the best of both worlds.”

McCulloch said that his relationship with the coaches and the scheme that was right for him were also important to him.

“Coach Schieder and Coach So’oto were my top recruiters and I really liked those guys,” McCulloch said. “Coach Shider is a great guy and he was so kind to my family.

“Coach So’oto is also a great guy, he proposed to me back in May. The protection suits me and I think I will fit in well. They see me as an outside defender and an advantage that can rush to the quarterback and also play in space and cover, so I’m very happy about that.”

McCulloch is an intriguing player who has shown great results as a junior. He played both sides as full back and full rusher but, as mentioned, was hired to play on the ball defense side.

He made 76 tackles, 23 losses and 13 sacks while moving and playing with his hand down and as an outside guard. He rushed for 408 yards and scored six touchdowns as a defensive end and added three more from the field.

McCulloch it has a good motor, sport frame 6-3, 240 lbs with room to fill and a very good edge for it.

He is still developing physically, and there are a lot of interesting things in his game now, as well as what he plans in 3-4 years. He is also an excellent student with a 4.1 GPA and looks like a perfect fit for the Bears program.