New Mexico State men’s basketball suspended for rest of 2022-23 season amid harassment, sexual contact accusations

New Mexico State Chancellor Dan Arvizu has officially announced that the men’s basketball program will be suspended for the remainder of the 2022-2023 season following a report released Sunday detailing troubling allegations against several players.

Initially, the suspension was only “until further notice”, but more details have surfaced as to why the program has suspended the season indefinitely.

On Sunday, campus police released an edited report alleging that since last summer, three team members have been falsely jailed, harassed and had sexual contact with another player. according to CTSM.

Aggies head coach Greg Hayar and his entire coaching staff have also been placed on paid administrative leave.

In the report, the victim claims that three players “held him face down, removed his clothes, exposing his buttocks, and began to ‘slap him on the butt’.” He also stated that they also touched his scrotum.” The alleged actions took place in front of the other players, and the victim said he “had no choice but to let it happen because it’s a 3-on-1 situation.”

No criminal cases have been opened yet.

“This action is clearly needed, especially after receiving more facts and reviewing investigation reports related to allegations of hazing involving student athletes on the team,” Arvizu said in a statement. “Hazing has no place on our campus and those responsible will be held accountable for their actions.”

Prior to the disqualification, Aggie was 9-15 and 13th in the Western Athletic Conference.

New Mexico State will no longer play basketball this season.  (Photo by Joe Baglevich/Getty Images)
New Mexico State will no longer play basketball this season. (Photo by Joe Baglevich/Getty Images)


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