New offensive line coach Joe Rudolph officially hired at Notre Dame Where Notre Dame Was & Is: Linebackers, led by a trio of veterans and little change Reports: Notre Dame special teams coordinator Brian Mason jumping to the Indianapolis Colts Notre Dame announces hire of QB coach Gino Guidugli, former Cincinnati offensive coordinator Reports: Notre Dame to hire Virginia Tech offensive line coach Joe Rudolph in same role

Notre Dame has officially announced the hiring of a Virginia Tech offensive line coach. Joe Rudolph for the same role in South Bend. Rudolph also has experience as an offensive coordinator in Wisconsin and Pittsburgh under former Badgers head coach Paul Chirst. The Tuesday morning announcement comes after Rudolf’s hiring was first reported on February 27.

“We are delighted to add offensive line coach Joe Rudolph to our staff,” said Ireland’s head coach. Marcus Freeman says in the statement. “He has a proven track record of developing elite college football players, many of whom have also gone on to great success in the NFL. We hope Joe will have the same impact on our program.”

Rudolf replaces Harry Hystand at Notre Dame after Hestan retired after Tommy Rhysdeparture to Alabama. He has a long history of being active in first-line offenses as Krist’s offense coordinator and offensive line coach at both of his main coaching stops.

As Republic of Ireland head coach Marcus Freeman and newly appointed offensive coordinator. Just Parker were looking for their coach in the offensive line, they emphasized that the attack should be the first.

“What we know we’re built on is that we want to be driven in a straight line,” Parker said at his February 20 opening press conference. We want to be built from the inside out. With what we have coming back up front, with our running backs and tight ends to be able to control the box, that’s where you always have to start.”

With three proven junior runners Audric Estimé and Logan Diggsand senior promotion Chris Tyreeas well as two possible preseason All-Americans against rising juniors. Joe Alt (left tackle) and Blake Fisher (right tackle), Rudolf needs to have a clear base to set up such a lead play. Add a three year old starter Zeke Correll in the center, and Rudolph’s offensive line is left with only two questions: who will start at left back and right back?

There’s talent on the inside, just little proven Josh Lagg And Jarrett Patterson enrollment. Expect Fifth Year Andrew Christophic Rising Junior Rocco Spindler and rising sophomore Billy Schrute for the first chances of earning a starting spot this spring, with training starting on March 22nd.

While coaching the Badgers, Rudolph played a role in turning six offensive linemen into NFL draft picks, most notably in the 2017 first round selection. Ryan Ramchik and 2020 fourth round center Tyler Biadashprofessional bowler 2022.

In both Pittsburgh and Wisconsin, Rudolph’s offenses turned into first-time offenses, which is a pretty marked improvement over the years when looking at his first two seasons in each. Not taking into account Rudolph’s first two (of three) years with the Panthers and his first two (of seven) years with the Badgers, as well as six of the remaining seven offenses (excluding the 2020 Wisconsin performance) ending in the top 25 in the nation . in at least two of the three major rushing metrics: yards per game, rush attempts per game, and yards per carry.

Notre Dame may not have the same long-standing offensive ethos that Wisconsin has—just like an orchestra that needs a violin if it wants to play in Texas, an attack needs a running back leader if it wants to play at Camp Randall. , but Freeman has preached the running game ever since he was hired as head coach of the Irish. The addition of a offensive line coach with a decade of offensive coordination experience to his résumé highlights this.

2012 – #94 in yards per game, #64 in rush attempts per game, #104 in yards per carry
2013 – No. 103, No. 104, No. 101
2014 – No. 16, No. 12, No. 18

2015 – No. 95 in yards per game, No. 59 in breakthrough attempts per game, No. 104 in yards per carry
2016 – No. 39, No. 11, No. 71
2017 – No. 23, No. 17, No. 30
2018 – No. 6, No. 17, No. 4
2019 – No. 15, No. 18, No. 12
2020 – No. 62, No. 30, No. 83
2021 – No. 22, No. 17, No. 35

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With Jerad Parker as offensive coordinator, Notre Dame’s offense remains focused on the ground game and quarterback Sam Hartman.
Notre Dame announces the hiring of QB coach Gino Guidugli, former Cincinnati offensive coordinator.

Notre Dame’s second line of defense may be where the title of this spring training preview series lives up to its purpose. The “was” of Irish midfielders is the same as their “is”. Notre Dame brings back every linebacker from the 2022 depth table except for Beau Bauer, who still missed the final eight games of the season with injury.

Three fifth years will again lead the Irish, but there should be more confidence in depth this season after they move up to juniors. collie prince and rising sophomore Jaylen Snead both erupted in 2022.

The loss of Bauer to a knee injury in training in October took the Irishman more mentally than on the pitch. In four-plus games, Bauer only made nine tackles, although he also started the Irish punt blocking party with the first such deflection of the season.

Bauer was a veteran and emotional leader of the Notre Dame defense. Personally and anecdotally, Bauer’s investment has never been more evident than in the immediate aftermath of Clemson’s collapse in Ireland in early November. As the field filled with cheered fans, Bauer leaned back against an elevated camera stand on crutches, which limited his exposure to the rear impact. When a handful of teammates passed him in celebration, including both Salerno brothers, they stopped long enough to pat Bauer on the shoulder.

But he could no longer immerse himself in celebration or enjoy contributing on the field to a decisive victory. Marcus Freemandebut season. There were no tears running down Bauer’s cheeks, but his eyes were glassy, ​​though his smile was wide.

Without Bauer, that day, and most of the season, Notre Dame relied on JD Bertrand almost the same as in 2021. Difference? Bertrand had two functioning wrists, so he easily led the Irish tackles for the second season in a row.

Some fans may find fault with Bertrand’s performance over the past two years, but this misses his obvious contribution. If the coaching staff thought they had better options, they certainly would have, but instead two consecutive defensive coordinators handed over their lead on the pitch to a veteran ball carrier.

Expect this to be the third year in a row, although perhaps the gap between Bertrand’s tackle count and number 2 on the stats table will narrow with depth.

JD Bertrand: 12 games; 82 tackles with 8.5 losses, including 2 sacks, plus three flops and three quarterback rushes.
Jack Kiser: 13 games; 58 tackles, 5.5 losses including 2.5 sacks, plus two rushing quarterbacks, a forced fumble and a blocked punt.
Marist Lufau: 13 games; 51 tackles, 4.5 losses, including half a sack, plus one interception, one recovered fumble and three quarterback rushes.
Prince Collie: 13 games; 19 tackles, 2.5 losses including 1.5 sacks, plus one blocked shot.
Bo Bauer:…


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