NFL betting: The 1st notable bet for next season’s Super Bowl is on … the Patriots?

The odds for Super Bowl LVIII are on the rise next year, and if you’re a solid team player, now is a good time to bet.

The rosters will change a lot over the next few months, but getting ahead of that action could result in a ticket to the team you like at the highest odds. If you think a team will become a Super Bowl contender by picking the right quarterback—we’re talking about you, the New York Jets—then don’t wait until they get that QB and the odds are halved.

One notable bet was made for next season’s Super Bowl. at BetMGM. This is the team that many will choose to finish last in the AFC East.

Some are optimistic about the New England Patriots next season.

Bet on the Patriots to win it all

A $2,000 bet was placed that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl 50-to-1. A seventh Patriots Super Bowl crown would give that player a $100,000 win.

Of course, this seems unlikely. The Patriots finished 8-9 last season and missed the playoffs. The attack fell far behind, although this could be corrected. The Patriots don’t pick until the 14th pick in the draft and don’t have by-picks until the fourth round, which doesn’t bode well for the rookies to have much of an impact. The Patriots are in the top 10 projected available spot under the salary capso perhaps there is some help on the path to free will.

Otherwise, it looks like blind faith in Bill Belichick.

One big change was in the offensive coordinator. Matt Patricia was over his head calling to play, so the Patriots hired Bill O’Brien as their new offensive coordinator. Let O’Brien go all you want, joke about his time in the Houston Texans, but that’s a huge upgrade to the offensive coordinator.

Maybe that’s enough to get the Patriots back in the playoffs, but the road won’t be easy.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and his team missed the playoffs last season.  (AP Photo/Adrian Kraus)
New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and his team missed the playoffs last season. (AP Photo/Adrian Kraus)

AFC East will be tough

AFC is loaded and AFC East is a big part of that.

The Buffalo Bills were the top team in the division. They will be challenged by the Miami Dolphins if Tua Tagovailoa is healthy from a concussion and by the New York Jets if they get a quarterback. If the Jets can make a deal with Aaron Rodgers, many will choose them to win the division.

Few will choose the Patriots to win the division, unless there are big surprises in store for them in the offseason.

The Patriots have had a long history of success, but after the departure of Tom Brady, they took an obvious step back. Questions remain as to whether McJones can become the Patriots’ best quarterback for years to come. The offense as a whole lacks playmakers.

A lot will change in the offseason for the Patriots and most other teams. One player thinks the prospects for the New England Championship will look much better before the start of the season.


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