NFL combine: Stetson Bennett addresses public intoxication arrest in Dallas

Stetson Bennett’s performance on the field in January greatly increased his draft holdings, but he had to explain a few more things from that month during an NFL scouting session.

In his first public appearance since celebrating winning the Georgia national championship, Bennett spoke about his arrest for drunkenness in a public place in Dallas on January 29. The Heisman Trophy finalist said he had discussed the matter with his coaches and the NFL general manager and apologized to his family for his behavior.

Bennett’s comment:

“You know, it was a mistake that everyone knows about. I understand why this can’t happen, I’ve talked to coaches about it, I’ve talked to grandmasters, I’ve apologized to my family. I failed them because wherever I go now and even without all this, I have obligations, I’m fourth, I can’t do this if your last name is Bennett. I know better”.

Bennett, 25, was arrested after police responded to a report that a man was banging loudly on doors in the Old East Dallas area. When the officers arrived at 3 am local time, they found Bennett and determined that he was intoxicated.

subsequently released an arrest report it was revealed that Bennet allegedly hid behind a brick wall, ostensibly to hide from the police, and was handcuffed after complying with the officers’ request to come out. Bennett reportedly claimed to have a friend in the area, but was unable to give his address or call him on his cell phone.

The incident reportedly ended with Bennett being taken to a sobering-up station due to the strong smell of alcohol.

March 3, 2023;  Indianapolis, Indiana, USA;  Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett (QB02) speaks to the press at the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Trevor Rushkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Stetson Bennett will be one of the most controversial quarterback candidates in the 2023 NFL Draft. (Trevor Rushkowski, USA TODAY Sports)

Stetson Bennet IV will have to answer a lot of questions in the NFL

It wasn’t Bennett’s only bad off-season appearance, as the quarterback was also criticized for running much of the Georgia victory parade on his cell phone and for making a bizarre speech about the Bulldogs, the defending champions who started the season, finishing in second. place. 3 in the country expected to fail.

Bennett’s arrest came after the end of his college career, when he won back-to-back national championships as the starting quarterback for the Bulldogs, finishing his senior season with a program-record 4,127 passing yards in 15 games plus a 68.3 completion percentage. 27 passing touchdowns, seven interceptions and 10 touchdowns on the ground.

Now, Bennett enters the NFL with serious questions about his listed height of 5ft 11in and weight of 190lbs, age (he was born the same year as Lamar Jackson) and the talent disparity he has won thanks to the Georgia squad.

By skipping the Senior Bowl, Bennett will face these questions and more at the mill.


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