NFL Mock Draft 2023: Anthony Richardson moves up the board, new WR1 lands in Green Bay in post-combine edition

The NFL 2023 combo is almost over and it has been a great week for many players. If you need a quick refresher, we run the old With the First Pick podcast machine every day to wrap up the action. you can check it out Right here.

There are no deals in this version, but there are a few more changes. Defender Anthony Richardson keeps getting closer to number one. And CJ Stroud, who was incredibly impressive in the 2022 season, especially personally.

There are new CB1s and WR1s after strong performances in Indianapolis that only strengthened the already strong case for their draft status. And keep an eye out for the handful of names that are back in our first round after slipping out of the latest releases.

And one more friendly reminder: Check out First Pick, our NFL Draft podcast, because we now meet THREE times a week: every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 2:00 pm ET. You can watch us live on NFL on the CBS YouTube channel. And you can subscribe to iTunes, Spotifyor wherever you listen to podcasts.

Remember, there are only 31 first-round picks in this bogus draft because the Dolphins were stripped of their first-round pick due to rigging.


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