NFL Mock Draft 2023: Jalen Carter falls after being issued arrest warrant; Ravens trade Lamar Jackson, take QB

INDIANAPOLIS. Jalen Carter may be in trouble with the law as he subject of an arrest warrant after this was discovered, he left the scene of a fatal car crash in January.

Wednesday’s news came minutes before he was scheduled to perform here at the 2023 NFL Scouting Unity. The highly publicized prospect is still in Indianapolis, but won’t talk to the media as he was undergoing a medical examination, according to NFL chief executive Michael Signora.

Now, since this is such fresh news, it’s unclear how much this arrest warrant will affect his draft fund. But as CBS Sports lead NFL insider Jonathan Jones puts it, “this should affect his draft stock.Former Vikings general manager Rick Speelman also discussed the situation, noting that if Carter didn’t bring up the subject in team interviews before the news broke, “You’re going to put a red flag on this.”

This fictitious project represents, in my opinion, the word for Carter after this important news.

Elsewhere in the mill there is one big bone of a veteran defender. Derek Carr plans meeting with three teams — Colts, Jets, and Panthers — to discuss his future, and while we may not make a decision during unification week, he feels like a seasoned quarterback to land first in a new NFL location, which of course will have a direct impact on market of defenders in the project.

Even though I felt compelled to change the quarterback landing spots in this layout, I still love them, so they stay as they are until I have a reason to change them:

  • Derek Carr signs with the New York Jets
  • Aaron Rodgers traded to Las Vegas Raiders
  • Lamar Jackson traded to Atlanta Falcons
  • Ryan Tannehill signed with the New Orleans Saints
  • Jimmy Garoppolo signs with Tennessee Titans

Another note: this year there will only be 31 first round picks because the Dolphins were stripped of their pick due to rigging.

Let’s start choosing!


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