NFL Mock Draft 2023: Panthers select Anthony Richardson with newly acquired No. 1 pick from trade with Bears

2023 NFL Draft received his seismic trade, and the Carolina Panthers moved from 9th overall to first in a trade with the Chicago Bears. The Frank Reich-led club can now pick any quarterback they choose, and the Bears got an early pick in the draft, plus the perpetually underrated DJ Moore, who is somehow only 25 years old.

This, of course, clears things up, but there’s a lot of uncertainty left, especially when it comes to quarterbacks. For this layout, I have a quarterback carousel like this:

  • Aaron Rodgers was traded to the New York Jets.
  • Lamar Jackson traded to Atlanta Falcons
  • Jimmy Garoppolo signs with Las Vegas Raiders
  • Ryan Tannehill signed with the Baltimore Ravens

Having outlined these destinations, I must add some caveats. On Wednesday, Dianna Russini of ESPN announced that the Falcons would not pursue Lamar Jackson. I’m not going to question Russini’s reporting, but it’s important to remember this from CBS Sports NFL lead insider Jonathan Jones:

Another note: this year there will only be 31 first round picks because the Dolphins were stripped of their pick due to rigging.

Let’s start choosing!


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