NFL Offseason Story Line Draft With Albert Breer. Plus, Suns Chemistry and Other NBA Tales From the Couch.

‌Russillo shares his NBA stories Off the couch, including a Suns victory over the Kings while waiting for the return of Kevin Durant, the Celtics Bucks, the Magic Raptors and the Warriors Clippers (0:31). Then Ryan joins ANDAlbert Briere to talk about 10 major NFL storylines this offseason, including Lamar Jackson’s next contract, Aaron Rodgers’ next team, which elite WRs will be sold, the Bears number. 1 overall pick, Sean Payton in Denver and more (20:57). Finally, Ryan answers a few questions from Life Advice listeners (1:04:54).

Host: Ryan Russillo
Guest: Albert Breer
Producer: Kyle Crichton

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