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NFL playoff predictions roundup: Experts’ AFC, NFC, Super Bowl champion picks

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NFL Playoffs Prediction Roundup: How the Experts Rate the 49ers’ Odds originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

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The 49ers playoff journey officially begins on Saturday when they take on an opponent The Seattle Seahawks are launching the Super Wild Card Weekend at Levice Stadium.

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San Francisco has had no shortage of deep playoff rounds in the last decade-plus, but coach Kyle Shanahan is trying to bring back the Vince Lombardi trophy to the Bay Area for the first time since 1994. – rated defenseman and quarterback Brock Purdy, final pick in the 2022 NFL Draft who is undefeated as a starter.

Can the 49ers go the distance? Here’s what NFL experts say online:

Bill Barnwell, ESPN

AFC Championship Game: Billy 35, Chiefs 27

NFC Championship Game: 49ers 17, Buccaneers 13

Super Bowl LVII: Bills 27, 49ers 17

“A 49ers win will likely require two or more runs, a great day in the red zone, and McCaffrey’s big passer game. It is hardly impossible to rule out this scenario, but there would be more ways for Buffalo to win. I preferred the Bills 49ers before the start of the season, so I’ll stick with that for now.”

Albert Breer, Sports Illustrated

AFC Championship Game: Bengals over chiefs

NFC Championship Game: 49ers vs. Eagles

Super Bowl LVII: Bengals 31, 49ers 24

“The truth is, I wanted to stick to my preseason prediction and have the Bills end their storybook with an incredibly difficult season. in this case with a pretty serious lead, my head is telling me to go with Zach Taylor’s team And that’s mostly because they’re probably the second most talented frontline in the playoffs, and second only to the team, I see them meet in a Super Bowl XVI and XXIII rematch.

“These are the Nines, for which the equation is simpler. From Nick Boza to Trent Williams, Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel, to George Kittle, Christian McCaffrey and Fred Warner, there is no team in the NFL that can match the San Francisco player. for the player. The biggest question for the Nine comes at quarterback, where they roll rookie Brock Purdy there. And I think they can handle it until they meet Joe Barrow for all the marbles. .”

Steve Serby, New York Post

AFC Championship Game: Billy 33, Chiefs 30

NFC Championship Game: 49ers 27, Eagles 24

Super Bowl LVII: Bills 33, 49ers 27

“During the two weeks between the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl, Shanahan ponders the same question Bill Belichick pondered before Super Bowl 36: Brady or Drew Bledsoe? For Shanny, it’s Purdy or Garoppolo, whose leg has finally healed enough. And like Belichick, he stays with a hot hand.

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“But when Purdy suddenly starts screaming, Garoppolo is called off the bench and brings the Niners back after the first half. McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel begin to impose their will at night, and Marv Levy and Jim Kelly are sweating bullets in But Allen, huddled at the start of the run at the end of the fourth quarter, looks into the stands and says, “Hey, look, it’s Will Smith and Chris Rock !” This eases the tension and Allen develops a 98-yard shot that culminates in a jump over the end zone and a third goal from the third.”

Greg Bishop, Sports Illustrated

AFC Championship Game: Bills over chiefs

NFC Championship Game: 49ers vs. Eagles

Super Bowl LVII: Bills 28, 49ers 17

“In the end, I chose the most complete NFC team and the most deserving AFC team. Just imagine how it will unfold. Shanahan returned to the Super Bowl and, based on that election, lost again. movie. Years of painful history are turned upside down. It’s a cup of storytelling and that would be great.”

Jordan Dajani, CBS Sports

AFC Championship Game: Billy 29, Chiefs 26

NFC Championship Game: Eagles 20, 49ers 16

Super Bowl LVII: Bills 33, Eagles 30 (OT)

“So what is this game going to be like? I expect a sloppy first half followed by a productive second half. period. The accounts add to the “team of fate” narrative.

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