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NFL Playoff Projection: Cowboys can still steal the NFC East title from the Eagles

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Hey, remember that blatantly missed masked penalty at the Washington Commanders that probably cost the Philadelphia Eagles their only loss of the season? Eagles fans know for sure.

One missed call can change who wins the Super Bowl, or at least who gets out of the NFC.

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There are a lot of predictions out there to explain how one missed call can change an entire NFL season, but that’s why we’re here. This loss to the Eagles could be huge in a tiebreak. If the Cowboys don’t lose another NFC East game, including a victory over the Eagles on December 24, they will have a split against Philadelphia and a 5-1 divisional game score, a second tiebreaker. The Eagles would have a 4–2 record in NFC East games… with an extra loss largely due to a masked challenge at Philadelphia tight end Dallas Goedert being missed and the Eagles having a lost fumble instead 15 yard. fine.

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The Eagles are 11-1 and the Cowboys are 9-3. The tie-break scenario only comes into play if the Cowboys beat the Eagles in a rematch. If that happens, the Cowboys will have to play another game with the Eagles down the road to win the NFC East and possibly get an important No. 1 seed and say goodbye to the NFC (the 10-2 Minnesota Vikings have a say in that too).

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The problem for the Cowboys is that the Eagles’ other four games look to be winning: against the Giants, against the Bears, against the Saints, and against the Giants. But if they get upset once, the door is open for the Cowboys to take on NFC East and possibly get the No. 1 seed due to their potential tiebreak advantage. This race is not over yet.

Here are the Week 14 games that will have the biggest impact on the playoff picture:

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

The biggest highlight in Week 13 was that the Bills swept the Kansas City Chiefs for first place in the AFC and the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East. This does not mean that the Bills’ path to the first seed is clear, and we do not have predictions that they will receive the No. 1 seed this week.

The reason is that the rest of the schedule for the Chiefs is very soft. This is the simplest remaining schedule in the NFL. If Kansas City doesn’t get upset, the Bills will have to win to get first place. Buffalo is capable, but they still have tough games to play with the Jets and Dolphins (both have already beaten Buffalo this season) and the Bengals. It will be difficult for them to win every remaining game.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions

The Lions have a rocky road to the NFC wildcard spot, but they are staggeringly still alive, having won four out of five. They probably need to beat the Vikings 10-2 this week to have a realistic chance. Luckily for Detroit, many people believe the Lions will win.

The Vikings are going to win NFC North but they still have a chance to take first place. Considering they have head to head losses to the Eagles and Cowboys, they may have to win to get this.

Philadelphia Eagles – New York Giants.

We discussed that the Eagles might not be able to afford an embarrassing loss for the rest of the season. The Giants just want wins. The draw against Washington last week really helped the Giants (their chances of making the playoffs improved by 2.9% compared to last week). in football underdogs), but they may still need a surprise win to secure a wildcard spot. We have the Giants this week because the Commanders rematch is in Washington and the Giants will be the underdogs.

Baltimore Ravens – Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Ravens can’t afford to give up many games when Lamar Jackson is out. The Cincinnati Bengals are tied for first place in the AFC North after defeating the Chiefs and they are at their peak. The division name will likely still be decided on January 8 when the teams meet, but the Ravens need to make sure they keep up with the Bengals until then. The Ravens won the first meeting so they just need to be one game behind the Bengals before the final game of the season to survive and clinch the AFC North title.

Miami Dolphins to Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers’ chances of making the playoffs dropped heavily last week with a loss to the Las Vegas Raiders (12.8% to the Football Outsiders, to be exact), and another loss to the Dolphins would have worsened there are even more of them. The Dolphins haven’t dropped out of the AFC East race, though they probably can’t lose many more games now that they’re trailing the Bills. But this game probably means more to the Chargers, who may need to win it to keep wild hopes realistic.


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