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NFL scores, schedule, live Week 2 updates: Nick Chubb finds end zone again; Saints, Bucs get into huge brawl

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It’s the second week of the 2022 NFL season and we’re keeping you up to date on all the action and the most important storylines throughout the day. There are some fantastic matches and storylines in Week 2’s list, and we’re here to help you see how they unfold. Check back often to find out everything you need to know.

Schedule 2 weeks


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Chiefs 27, Chargers 24 (Run)

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Panthers at the Giants (Gametracker)
Colts in Jaguars (Gametracker)
Dolphins in Crows (Gametracker)
Patriots in Steelers (Gametracker)
Jets to Browns (Gametracker)
Buccaneers in Saints (Gametracker)
Commanders in Lions (Gametracker)
Falcons in Rams, 4:05 pm ET (preview)
Seahawks with the 49ers, 4:05 pm ET (preview)
Cardinals in Raiders, 4:25 pm ET (preview)
Bengals at Cowboys 4:25 pm ET (preview)
Texans in the Broncos, 4:25 pm ET (preview)
Bears at Packers 8:20 pm ET (preview)


Titans in Accounts 7:15 pm ET (preview)
Vikings at Eagles 8:30 pm ET (preview)

Chubb x2

Nick Chubb, arguably the best clean runner in the NFL, once again showed himself to be a rock on Sunday. He ran 15 times for 78 yards and touched down twice, the second of which gave the Browns the lead early in the fourth quarter over the Jets.

Handsome int

Jameis Winston wanted Chris Olav to send a deep pass at the goal line. Instead, he got a jumping, spinning Jamel Dean, who pulled off an impressive interception and returned possession to the Buccaneers.


Buccaneers and Saints don’t like each other. Need proof? Look no further than this massive brawl that erupted at the end of the third quarter with a 3-3 score. As a result, Mike Evans and Marshawn Lattimore were ejected.

Lamar in the HOUSE

Discussing a new record deal for next offseason, Lamar Jackson just needs to include a movie from his game against the Dolphins. Three touchdowns in the air and now one on the ground after leading everyone on a 79-yard house call.

Swift is fast!

It looked like the Lions were about to lose a 20-plus lead, but D’Andre Swift reassured the Detroit fans with a fantastic individual effort. He fell back after catching a pass at the 20-yard line, but with no one around to touch him, he popped out, made three defensemen miss Barry Sanders style, and then waltzed into the end zone.

Bad punt

Shooter Olszewski’s revenge didn’t go the way shooter Olszewski wanted. Down 10-6, the Steelers were poised to return the ball when Olszewski missed a punt, allowing the Patriots—the team Olszewski played on in his first three seasons in the NFL—to get the opening goal opportunity. They capitalized on a two-yard goal by Damien Harris to give New England an 11-point lead.

Brady continues to fight against the Saints

The greatest quarterback of all time just can’t understand the defense of the Saints. The Buccaneers lost 9-0 in their second game against New Orleans a year ago, and in the first half on Sunday afternoon they scored a goose egg against their division rivals. Tom Brady, as expected, is not happy at all.

Commanders on board

The first half was unforgettable for Washington, who lost 22 points to start the game and went into the locker room with a zero on the scoreboard. The third quarter started much better, with the Commanders going 64 yards on five plays and scoring their first touchdown on a long pass from Carson Wentz to Curtis Samuel, who held the ball despite a hard hit.

Hutchinson can’t be stopped

The Lions knew Aidan Hutchinson would be productive; which is why they selected him with the second overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. But are three sacks productive in the first half? They couldn’t have imagined, but that’s exactly what happened in the first half against the Commanders. Detroit puts this in front of Washington, and the rookie pass rusher is the main reason for this.

You got Mossed!

Sorry, Akello Witherspoon, but that’s exactly what happened at the end of the first half with a 3-3 score. Just as Witherspoon thought he was about to intercept the ball, Nelson Agolor jumped over him, snatched the ball from his hands and left the last five yards of the 44-yard count in the dust. Catch of the day so far from Agolora.

Lamar Dealing

Despite the cancellation of a rushing touchdown, Lamar Jackson had a delightful first half in the Ravens’ home opener. He completed 11 of his first 13 passes for 210 yards and three goals, the first going to Rashod Bateman for 75 yards and the second going to Mark Andrews from one yard.

His third, DeMarcus Robinson, put the Ravens up 28–7 over the Dolphins.

Travis who?

Many expected 2021 first-round pick Travis Etienne to overtake undrafted 2020 rookie James Robinson to become the Jaguars’ top running back this season. It hasn’t happened in a game and a half. In the first week, Robinson outplayed Etienne and threw two touchdowns. Robinson’s success continued against the Colts as his 37-yard touchdown put Jacksonville up in double figures over his divisional opponent.

Robinson is returning from an Achilles injury at the end of last season.

Wilson caches first career TD

The Jets’ top pick in the draft contributed to a touchdown on their second trip to Cleveland. Second-round runner Breece Hall rumbled for 23 yards in the third and short, and three games later, 10th overall pick Garrett Wilson pulled his first career touchdown to tie the game.

Fake pointe!

Everyone loves fake punts, and the Jets did a great job on fourth and second in home territory. Braden Mann snapped, got up and threw the rope to Jeff Smith to get him 17 yards off with the drive.


Dan Campbell’s risk to go for it with the fourth goal was not crowned with success, but the consolation prize was that the commanders were thrown back almost into their end zone. That’s when Carson Wentz Carson Wentz’d, undressed by Charles Harris, and the ball bounces off the end zone, giving Detroit two points.

Swift cancels another big run

Two games, two 50-plus yard runs for the Lions’ D’Andre Swift. The third-year running back missed practice for most of the week with an ankle injury, but he looked perfectly normal as he took a pass to the right, made some quick sweeps to the left, and…


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