Friday was another busy day in the NFL training camp world for most teams, although the Las Vegas Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars took the day off after Thursday night’s opening preseason game in Canton, Ohio, in which the Raiders won with a score of 27-11. But now that we’re in the second week of training camp, the league is starting to get in trouble.

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This was especially true for the San Francisco 49ers, who saw their fair share of brawls during the early parts of camp so intense that coach Kyle Shanahan decided to announce it before practice on Friday. Apparently there is such a thing as too much intensity.

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Annoyance also surfaced in the most innocent way when Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey lamented the lack of candles after Friday’s practice, in which the Panthers invited the Gaffney High School football team (South Carolina) for a fun workout together. The Cincinnati Bengals continue to train without star quarterback Joe Burrow, who is out indefinitely with an appendectomy.

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Here’s what you need to know from camps across the league.

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What our correspondents saw

Breaking NFL news for the day

Kyle Shanahan upset by punches in 49ers practice: After interrupting training for the second time due to an all-out brawl on Tuesday, coach Kyle Shanahan urged his team to get together. He immediately uttered a few choice words about what had just happened. Beneath the anger was a simple message about how Shanahan wants his team to play. Physical? Absolutely. Hard? Of course. Annoys? Of course. But when the shots are thrown, as they were on two occasions that Tuesday practice between star linebacker Fred Warner and wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk, Shanahan wants the Nines to draw the line.

Joe Burrow is still involved despite an indefinite absence following an appendectomy: Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is staying indefinitely after undergoing appendix surgery at the start of training camp. Bengals coach Zach Taylor said he had no timetable for Burrow’s return to the field. “I hate setting a timeline,” Taylor said Friday. “But right now he has a lot of good mental work to do.” The third-year quarterback and top pick in the 2020 draft has not been in any practice since the Bengals started training camp last week. But Burrow remains visible and active as he prepares for the upcoming season.

The Browns stick to the QB plan despite the appeal of Deshawn Watson’s suspension: Cleveland Browns coach Kevin Stefansky said Friday the team is waiting to see what happens with the NFL’s appeal of Deshawn Watson’s six-game suspension before changing its plans for the quarterback in practice. By this point in training camp, Watson had received the vast majority of first-team offense shots; backup Jacoby Brisset mostly worked with the second team. “We’ll just wait for the situation to clear up,” Stefanski said ahead of Friday’s workout. “Just keep moving forward in what we’re doing.” Stefanski spoke for the first time since the NFL announced on Wednesday that it is appealing the decision of Disciplinary Inspector Sue L. Robinson, a former federal judge, as she seeks harsher penalties under the league’s personal conduct policy.


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What our NFL Nation reporters saw on Friday

Washington commanders: The safety of Camren Curl built on his strong spring, having had a great start in training camp. On Friday, Curl was once again in the right place at the right time in several plays – in one he regained a fumble and in another he stopped a runback in the hole. Curl was used occasionally in the nickel role of Washington Buffalo – the one played last season by Landon Collins. Curl also played a deep half in his set with two insurances. But perhaps the biggest change for Curl has been his communication skills. He has become more vocal, which coaches see as a sign of his increased self-confidence and defensive confidence. — John Keim

Tennessee Titans: Quarterback Ryan Tannehill was a little out of practice today. Tannehill made only one interception in eight practices. His best shot was a perfectly placed over-the-shoulder drop shot by Nick Westbrook-Ehaine, which was a huge tag team win. Tannehill also found Racy McMath deep in the second round due to what would have been a long touchdown. Tannehill’s chemistry with receivers is growing on deep passes. This is something the Titans desperately needed to improve from last season. McMath has turned into a potential deep threat after landing long passes from Tannehill in each of his last three practices. — Turron Davenport

New York Jets: Reserve wide receiver Denzel Mims didn’t say, “Play me or trade me,” but he absolutely believes he deserves to play. A disappointing 2020 second round pick presents himself in the starting lineup saying, “I see myself at the top.” He added, “I show it every day. It’s up to (the coaches) whether they play with me or not, but I show every day what I can do and I’m going to keep doing it.” Mims, whose first two seasons were affected by injury and illness, improved in all areas, earning praise from coaches. The problem is that jets have good receiver depth. He’s no better than fifth or sixth on the depth table right now. He tries to gain a foothold in special teams, but has never done so before, which reduces his value. Don’t be surprised if his name pops up in trading speculation as the regular season approaches. — Rich Jiminy

Atlanta Falcons: The biggest note of the day for the Falcons was who wasn’t in practice. Jalen Mayfield, a third-round pick last year and Atlanta’s forward at left guard last season, has a lower back problem. It’s already been a difficult camp for Mayfield, who was replaced by Elijah Wilkinson at left-back last week, but now he too is struggling with injury. “We have to get him to calm down,” Falcons head coach Arthur Smith said. “He’s a tough, tough guy and grinds. So we’ll see what happens.” Smith said they would see where he was next week. He said “we don’t foresee it being serious” but acknowledged that back injuries can be insidious. — Michael Rothstein

Carolina Panthers: Back running Christian McCaffrey showed his explosiveness late in practice by running a long run and then landing in the red zone. It’s important for the Panthers that he stay fresh on the field this season after missing 23 of his last 33 games with injuries. Whether Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnold wins the starting quarterback job – neither of them had much of an advantage today – having McCaffrey in the backfield with them is key. McCaffrey is back today after a day off as the team continues to make sure he doesn’t have more than three workouts in a row. “This weekend is important,” McCaffrey said. You have to make sure you do something this weekend to prepare for the next day. This is the purpose of it. … I feel great”. But McCaffrey does have a problem. His self-proclaimed dorm room at Wofford College is missing candles. So during the post-workout press conference, he asked, “Does anyone have any candles or perfume for the room, let me know.” — David Newton

Dallas Cowboys: Linebacker Anthony Barr spent his first day on the training field holding a protective slip as he got used to the Cowboys’ defense. He is on the list of physically unable to compete, but he says he “feels great” physically and called it “just an acclimatization period” before he starts training. He is looking forward to working with Micah Parsons. “Obviously he had a great start last year, it’s pretty amazing what he’s been able to achieve and I think he could just keep going up and out and I hope I can be a tool, a resource. him and also learn from him, learn from all the guys,” Barr said. “Come humble, ready to learn, and ready to help.” — Todd Archer

Los Angeles Chargers: Corner JC Jackson smiled after the eighth day of training camp when asked about his experience training against Pro Bowl quarterback Justin Herbert. “He didn’t really come over to my side,” Jackson said, a shy smile growing. “I don’t know if he’s scared or what, but he’s barely thrown to my side.” Is Herbert scared? That’s unlikely, although the third-year quarterback on Friday witnessed what is likely to happen when Jackson is challenged as the backup Easton Stick attempted a pass that was flipped and landed in Jackson’s hands. “It’s a team defense,” Jackson said of the game. The Chargers signed Jackson, the NFL’s all-time leader in steals since 2018 (25), to a five-year, $82.5 million contract as a free agent. “He was solid,” defensive coordinator Renaldo Hill said. “He’s been exactly what we’ve been expecting him to be since he played in New England. Come here and be a performer in quarantine.” — Lindsey Thiry

Las Vegas Raiders: New Raiders coach Josh McDaniels acknowledged on Friday that his first offensive game in Thursday Night’s Hall of Fame game, a deep pass attempt, was an “ode” to the late Cliff Branch, who throughout his career threatened a long-range ball to be inducted. . Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. “It was a staple,” McDaniels said, saluting with his right hand. “Cliff was a fast guy and obviously made a lot of big big plays in his career, big big big big big big big big big big big big big balls… I know Mr. Davis, both Mr. an ode to the Raiders, Cliff Branch and how Mr. Davis both love this kind of game. We tried, but it didn’t work out quite the way we hoped, but it ended up in our favor no matter what.” Jarrett Stidham aimed Tyrone Johnson at the left touchline with a pass, but was hit when he released the ball, which instead fell into the waiting hands of Keelan Cole…