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NFL Week 11 winners and losers, plus weekly grades for every team and picks for 49ers-Cardinals in Mexico City

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Welcome to the Monday issue of the Pick Six newsletter!

If you haven’t checked your calendar lately, I have big news: It’s Thanksgiving week, which means that over the next four days, we’ll spend 63% of the newsletter talking about food, not football.

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One thing we won’t be covering here is the World Cup, but if you’d like to follow all of our news here at, be sure to subscribe to our football newsletter (Golazo) which you can do by clicking here.

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Okay, let’s forget about the World Cup for a second and get back to talking about normal things like losing the Jets. The Jets’ incredible loss to the Patriots knocked them out of the top 7 in the AFC playoff picture, which I’m only mentioning because we’re taking a close look at the playoff race today. We will also be scoring and making picks for tonight’s 49ers-Cardinals matchup in Mexico City.

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As always, here is your weekly reminder to let all your friends sign up for the Pick Six newsletter. To get your friends to sign up, all you have to do is click here and then share this link with them. Okay, let’s get to the presentation.

1. Today’s Show: Winners and Losers of Week 11 and Full Recap


It’s Monday, which can only mean one thing: Last night I stayed up until 3am recording a podcast with Will Brinson and Ryan Wilson that touched on everything you need to know about Week 11, and let me tell you what it is. probably for the better. What are you listening to. We’ve covered all 12 of Sunday’s games, which means we’ve probably spent some time discussing your favorite team.

One thing we do every week is give away our weekly winners and losers on Sundays. Look who made it to our list.

Ryan Wilson

  • Winner: Brett Maher (and any other Cowboys player). The Cowboys embarrassed the Vikings 40–3 in what was easily Dallas’ best of the season. One of the Cowboys’ most impressive performances was Maher, who hit four field goals, including a 60-yard one! A 60-yard field goal marked Maher’s fourth career 60-yard or more field goal, an NFL record.
  • Loser: Kenny Pickett. Ryan Wilson is a regular Steelers fan on the podcast, and if the Steelers have lost him, it might be time to remove Pickett from the bench and bring back Mitchell Truesbysky.

Will Brinson

  • Winner: Dan Campbell. It looks like everyone in Detroit can actually believe Dan Campbell’s patella biting philosophy because the Lions definitely bit the Giants’ patellas on Sunday. The Lions are now on a three-game winning streak, and their 31-18 takedown of the Giants 7-3 was their most impressive win to date.
  • Jonah: Nathaniel Hackett. As the Broncos’ offense struggled, Hackett finally resigned from his call-to-play duties and this seemed to provide a slight spark on offense, but then the Denver defense melted late in the game, losing to the Raiders in overtime. 22–16. Hackett can’t win no matter what he does, and his already hot seat is now the same temperature as the surface of the sun.

John Breech

  • Winner: Andy Dalton. Instead of leaving Dalton on the bench, Saints coach Dennis Allen decided to stick with QB this week and Dalton paid off. Facing a tough Rams defense, Dalton had his best game of the year, scoring 21-of-25 for 260 yards and three touchdowns, giving him a near-perfect QB rating (149.5). As good as Dalton is, my other takeaway is that the Rams might just want to get together for the season. If Andy Dalton has lashed out at you, it might be time to just start looking ahead to 2023.
  • Losers: Zach Wilson and Robert Saleh. Wilson got eaten alive by the Patriots’ defense, which isn’t even the worst thing, because Bill Belichick eats opponent quarterbacks alive all the time. Worst of all, he did not take any responsibility for his game. As bad as Wilson was, the Jets could still have won that game if they had simply kicked the ball out of bounds at the end of regulation. If the coaching staff demands that the punt go out of bounds, then the game almost certainly goes into overtime, but the Jets decided to try their luck, and fate answered them with a punch in the face.

We not only compiled a list of winners and losers, but also summed up the results of each Sunday game. To listen to today’s episode, be sure to click here. you also can watch the entire episode on YouTube by clicking here.

2. Week 11 Grades: Patriots get a B- for a wild win over the Jets, Chiefs get a B+ for a win over the Chargers.

Every week I team up with six of my colleagues here at to hand out scores, and this week the Chiefs got a B+ in our imaginary football school.

Here are scores for two notable games played on Sunday:

Patriots 10-3 over NY Jets (Click here for full review)

  • Patriots class: B-. The Patriots had a terrible day on offense but were bailed out by defense and a rookie back in the game who turned into the hero of the game. Under Bill Belichick, the Patriots had some impressive defensive records, but this one was definitely the best in at least one metric: the fewest yards surrendered. The Jets gained just 103 yards, which was the fewest the Patriots had ever surrendered under Belichick and the fewest the team had surrendered in any game since 1988. day with a winning 84-yard TD punt return in the closing seconds (You you can see the play by clicking here).
  • Jet class: C. The Jets defense played well enough to win, but the same certainly couldn’t be said for their offense, which was only TWO yards in the second half. The Jets couldn’t do anything offensively, and that was mostly due to the fact that Zach Wilson looked completely lost when he confronted Bill Belichick’s defense. Wilson threw no interceptions but completed just 40.9% of his passes for 77 yards. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that the Jets also had a special team crash when they forfeited a game-winning punt return TD with five seconds left, but that crash could have been avoided if the coaching staff just told the player Brayden Mann knocked him out of bounds, so the loss falls not only on the coaching staff, but also on the team covering the punt.

Chiefs 30-27 over Chargers (Click here for full review)

  • Starting class: B+. Let’s hope Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelsey cut the ball in half after yesterday’s win, because they both definitely deserved to take it home. Mahomes was impressive throughout the night, but he was at his best in the final two minutes as his team trailed 27-23. The Chiefs needed a touchdown to win, and Mahomes used Kelsey magic to make it happen. The Chargers know that Mahomes loves to dump Kelsey, but they still can’t stop the duo. The Chiefs tight end caught six passes for 115 yards and THREE touchdowns, including the game winner. This duo carried the Kansas City load on Sunday, but they didn’t make it all. Isaiah Pacheco had an epic night in which he ran for 107 yards. The Chiefs don’t currently have the best record in the NFL, but they definitely feel like the best team in the NFL right now.
  • Charger class: B-. Whenever the Chargers lose they seem to do it in the most painful way and you can add this game to that list. Justin Herbert led the Chargers to a positive TD in the final two minutes, but the defense failed to stop Patrick Mahomes, which eventually became second-half history for Los Angeles. The Chargers didn’t hit a single shot in the second half, and their inability to slow down the Chiefs’ attack (or stop Travis Kelsey) was their undoing. The Chargers continue to play a minor role in the division, and now that the Chiefs have beaten them, it will be almost impossible for them to win.

As for the other 20 ratings we handed out on Sunday, you can check them by clicking here.

3. Photo of the NFL playoffs approaching Monday evening


Now that the NFL is approaching Thanksgiving week, it looks like it’s about time. Take a look at our first extensive playoff picture..

Here are the top seven teams from each conference:

one. Chiefs (8-2)
2. Dolphins (7-3)
3. Titans (7-3)
four. Ravens (7-3)
5. Accounts (7-3)
6. Patriots (6-4)
7. Bengals (6-4)
The first commands are out: Jets (6-4), Chargers (5-5)

The most visible part of the AFC playoff picture is that the Chiefs may already have taken first place. Of course, they haven’t officially achieved anything yet, and yes, there are still seven weeks left of the season, but the problem with any other AFC team is that the Chiefs have the EASIEST schedule left of any team in the NFL. The remaining Chiefs rivals have a winning percentage of just .364. The Ravens have the second-easiest chart at .366. Looking ahead, every other AFC team has a remaining chart strength of .440 or higher, and the Bengals have the third-hardest remaining chart in the NFL at .614. Over the last seven weeks, the Bengals will play EVERY team above them in the AFC playoff standings except the Dolphins, whom they beat in Week 4.

one. Eagles (9-1)
2. Vikings (8-2)
3. Seahawks (6-4)
four. Buccaneers (5-5)
5. Cowboys (7-3)
6. Giants (7-3)
7. 49ers (5-4)
The first commands are out: Commanders (6-5), Falcons (5-6)

Monday night’s game between the 49ers and the Cardinals could make a big difference in playoff standings. If the 49th lose, they will drop out of seventh place and the Commanders will jump in and take their place. On the other hand, if the 49ers win, they will take first place in the NFC West, which will take them up to third place. If that happens, the Seahawks…


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