Welcome to week 12 of the NFL regular season. We’ve updated our power rating!

Our expert panel – a group of over 80 writers, editors and TV hosts – assessed how the teams performed in 11 weeks.

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After losing this weekend, where do the Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants and New York Jets land? And how much have the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Commanders grown since the wins?

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In addition to our ranking update, we’ve reached out to NFL Nation journalists across the league and asked them to name one person or aspect of their team that hasn’t been performing well this season. Whether it’s a player, a coach, a positional group or a specific game on the pitch, we identify what needs to be improved in each team.

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Let’s take a look at the updated rating.

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1. Kansas City Chiefs (8-2)

Week 11 Ranking: one

What/who is not doing well? Special teams

The Chiefs have been among the best in the game year after year, but not as strong this season. They struggled with the comeback, in particular with a failed punt return that was the biggest game in one of their two losses. Harrison Butker also falls short of a 72.7% field goal percentage, which would be the lowest in his six-year career if the season ended today. — Adam Tycher

2. Philadelphia Eagles (9-1)

Week 11 Ranking: 2

What/who is not doing well? Special teams

Entering Week 11, the Eagles finished third on offense, fourth on defense, and fourth overall, according to Football Outsiders defensive-adjusted versus average (DVOA) performance. Everything is at the highest level, except for the special teams, which are in 22nd place. There have been mishaps in almost every game, ranging from gross kicker violations to a loss to fake punts. It was something of a provocation that seemed destined to hurt Philadelphia in one of those games. — Tim McManus

3. Buffalo Bills (7-3)

Week 11 Ranking: 5

What/who is not doing well? Ball safety

The Bills offense at the start of the season looked unstoppable, and while Josh Allen’s overall performance has declined over the past four weeks since the bye, the team has been hurting themselves by flipping the ball. The Bills are third in the league in steals (18) with eight in their last four games, while Allen is second in the NFL in steals (10). The Bills also lead the league in turnover per disc (17%). Defending the ball consistently over the four AFC East games to the end will be key. — Alaina Getzenberg

4. Miami Dolphins (7-3)

Week 11 Ranking: four

What/who is not doing well? Special teams

Yes, the Dolphins’ defense didn’t live up to high expectations early in the season, but aside from player Thomas Morstead, Miami’s special teams were one of the worst divisions in the NFL. Jason Sanders has shot just 76.5% of his field goals this season, leaving Miami fifth in field goals in the league. The Dolphins also average five yards per punt return and provide a league-record 30.15 yards per return. There have been highlights such as a blocked punt returned for a touchdown in week 9, but there is plenty of room for improvement as the season approaches its final stretch. — Marcel Louis Jacques

5. Dallas Cowboys (7-3)

Week 11 Ranking: 9

What/who is not doing well? Execute protection

Allowing over 200 yards in back-to-back games against the Lions and Packers, the Cowboys were much better against the Minnesota, trailing just 73 yards. But this season, runaway protection was lacking. The Cowboys gave up at least 117 yards in seven games and gave up 43 runs of 10 or more yards. With Sakwon Barkley, Jonathan Taylor, Derrick Henry, Travis Etienne Jr., Miles Sanders and Dameon Pierce remaining on the schedule, the run protection will be tested. If the defense really wants to be the elite, it will have to stand the test. — Todd Archer

6. Minnesota Vikings (8-2)

Week 11 Ranking: 3

What/who is not doing well? Pass defense

Several well-timed interceptions and sacks minimized the damage to what was one of the most vulnerable pass defense systems in the NFL. Opponents complete 69% of their passes, which is the second worst defensive record in the league. Not that these throws were particularly short. Averaged 7.8 air yards, higher than the league average. Vikings’ soft lighting leaves them vulnerable unless one of their playmakers can make up for it. — Kevin Seifert

7. Baltimore Ravens (7-3)

Week 11 Ranking: 6

What/who is not doing well? Deep pass

Lamar Jackson struggled to stretch the field, converting just 24.2% of his passes (8 of 23) that went at least 20 yards in the air. This is the second worst record in the NFL (behind only Zach Wilson). Unsurprisingly, Baltimore has struggled to stretch the field since Marquis Brown was traded this offseason, and Rashod Bateman went to injured reserve after six games this season with a foot injury. Defense will box against the Ravens until Jackson makes them pay for it. — Jamison Hensley

8. San Francisco 49ers (6-4)

Week 11 Ranking: eight

What/who is not doing well? Special teams

The 49ers have invested heavily in this group in hopes of improving on what was ranked 26th in the league in expected added points (EPA) in 2021. The return of Ray-Ray McCloud III in particular has been a big hit lately and looks like a strong addition. But hitting play remains in question as Robbie Gould has an 81.3% field goal percentage and two blocked shots, with player Mitch Wisnowski also having a try saved. — Nick Wagoner

9. Tennessee Titans (7-3)

Week 11 Ranking: eleven

What/who is not doing well? Walkthrough

In the past two weeks, the Titans’ passing game has shown signs of life. But Tennessee’s 1,830 passing yards is only 31st in the league. No player became a dominant player for the Titans. Only two players have received 100 yards this season. Rookie Traylon Burks was a strong candidate for the Titans’ top wide receiver, but a toe injury saw Burks go four games when he was close to breaking through. Burks returned to action in Week 10 with three catches, and in Week 11 he had five receptions for 111 yards. — Turron Davenport

10. New York Giants (7-3)

Week 11 Ranking: 7

What/who is not doing well? Wide receivers

Get help from Daniel Jones; four years have passed. This year the group failed again. Kadarius Toni was sold; Kenny Golladey didn’t exist (four catches, 51 yards… this season); Sterling Shepard was out for the remainder of the campaign due to left anterior cruciate ligament surgery; and rookie Van’Dale Robinson ended his rookie season with six games after suffering a right anterior cruciate ligament injury on Sunday. The Giants have started recruiting Marcus Johnson and Isaiah Hodgins this season, with Darius Slayton as their lead wide receiver. Not surprisingly, their wide receivers finished 26th in yards (1,323) and just five touchdowns. — Jordan Raanan

11. Cincinnati Bengals (6-4)

Week 11 Ranking: 13

What/who is not doing well? Execute protection

One of the strengths of Cincinnati last season quietly got significantly worse. According to Sportzshala’s stats and information, the Bengals allow their opponents to hit third-down rushes 69.6% of the time, the worst in the league. The return of DJ Reader to the defense should strengthen the team, but this season Cincinnati suffered losses too often. — Ben Baby

12. Seattle Seahawks (6-4)

Week 11 Ranking: 12

What/who is not doing well? WR Dee Eskridge

The Seahawks don’t have many options because as a team they have exceeded all expectations. But they didn’t get much from Eskridge, their 2021 second-round pick. He’s had a poor showing during an injury-shortened rookie season, and he hasn’t done much this year either, tallying seven catches for 58 yards. Eskridge’s short temper should make him a big game waiting in the wings, but as Seattle’s fourth wide receiver, his best chances may be in special teams now that he’s taken charge of hitting back. — Brady Henderson

13. Washington commanders (6-5)

Week 11 Ranking: 17

What/who is not doing well? Walkthrough

The Washingtons invested in a new quarterback (Carson Wentz) and drafted a wide receiver (Jahan Dotson) in the first round with Terry McLaurin and a healthy Curtis Samuel. However, passing offense is a struggle, ranking 21st in yards per game, 25th in yards per attempt, and 28th in completion percentage. The reasons vary: Wentz needed time to fully acclimatise on offense, but the defense didn’t give him that, and the running game left the commanders in bad third-down situations. Injuries took their toll on Wentz, Dotson and tight end Logan Thomas. Although it’s 4-1 with quarterback Taylor Heinicke, it’s more about playing on the move and defending, as well as some well-timed shots from him. But with better defenses and better player health, the passing game can improve over time. — John Keim

14. New England Patriots (6-4)

Week 11 Ranking: fourteen

What/who is not doing well? Passing violation

The Patriots are the only team in the NFL to score no touchdowns in the first quarter, and McJones has at least four sacks in three straight games. Prior to this stretch, he had only one game in which he took at least four sacks. The goal during the offseason was to make the offense easier and hopefully allow the Patriots to play faster, but that didn’t work. — Mike Reiss

15. New York Jets (6-4)

Week 11 Ranking: ten

What/who is not doing well? QB Zach Wilson

Look, no one expected Wilson to become Josh Allen in year two, but the 2021 No. 2 overall pick didn’t improve as much as hoped. Its completion…