It’s the second week of the 2022 NFL season and we’ve had two epic fourth quarter comebacks.

Tua Tagovailoa threw six passing touchdowns to lead the Miami Dolphins to a three-point lead over the Baltimore Ravens in a game that saw them trail from the very first game after returning a touchdown by 103 yards. In the late window, the Arizona Cardinals overcame a 23–7 fourth-quarter deficit to force overtime with a 2-point conversion with no time remaining, and then defeated the Las Vegas Raiders in overtime by scoop and points.

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The rivalry between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New Orleans Saints escalated. After both teams had little success in attacking three quarters, a brawl resulted in Marshawn Lattimore and Mike Evans being ejected. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers defense came alive in the fourth quarter and led Tampa Bay to victory.

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The Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars had offensive breakthroughs, while the New England Patriots and New York Jets picked up key road wins from week one losses. And the New York Giants 2-0 is a rare sight in recent years. On the other side of the coin, the defending AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals are now 0-2, having lost to the Dallas Cowboys on a field goal later in the evening.

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Also recently, San Francisco 49ers second-year quarterback Trey Lance suffered a serious ankle injury that will reportedly rule him out this season. Jimmy Garoppolo did a great job in Sunday’s win over the Seattle Seahawks.

There was nothing surprising about the nightcap when Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears.

Our NFL Nation reporters respond to the biggest takeaways and unresolved issues from this week’s matches and look forward to what’s to come. Let’s get down to business.

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Green Bay 27, Chicago 10


What you need to know: There’s no reason for Packers coach Matt LaFleur to keep his plans under wraps again—at least not during a game against the Chicago Bears. In fact, he gave away the game plan last week when he said Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon didn’t touch the ball enough in their season-opener loss to the Vikings. A week after they had combined just 23 touchdowns but still gained 167 yards, they were nearly equal to their total touchdowns in the first half of Sunday. When it was all over, the running back duo touched the ball 37 times for 237 yards and landed twice. Jones (15 carries for 132 yards plus three catches for 38 yards) had a rush and a touchdown reception – his fourth such game since 2020 – and Dillon had 18 carries for 61 yards plus one catch for 6 yards.

What’s the deal with all the groping? A week after Aaron Rodgers uncharacteristically lost a strip bag fumble, the Packers dropped the ball three times against the Bears—including two times for what could be blamed for miscommunication on offense. Rodgers and Dillon were flummoxed on the pass and the Bears recovered a fumble that led to a field goal in the third quarter. Later, a shotgun blast from center Josh Myers hit Christian Watson’s receiver as he moved through the formation in front of Rogers. Add to that a botched return by Amari Rodgers, which he was lucky enough to recover, and the Packers have four fumbles in two games. — Rob Demowski

Next game: at the Buccaneers (Sunday 4:25 pm ET)

The Bears

What you need to know: The Bears had no answers to questions from Aaron Jones or AJ Dillion, through which the Packers relayed everything on Sunday. The Chicago defense allowed Jones to run almost 6 yards per rush en route to 132 yards and a touchdown, and add another pass score for a shovel pass that took him 15 yards to the end zone, hitting defenders the entire way. In total, Green Bay rushed 38 times for 203 yards, and what’s equally troubling is how the Bears’ missed tackles contributed to prolonging hits and losing the battle during possession. Aaron Rodgers receivers had 133 yards after a catch on a night where QB was picking up inexperienced DBs and making it easy.

Where are Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet? The Bears’ offense is in the works, but this unit can’t go another week without some of its best playmakers. Mooney, Chicago’s top receiver, caught the ball twice for 4 yards in the first two games of the season. Kmet has been attacked twice in two weeks, but it’s not like the third-year tight end isn’t hitting the routes (he ran 10 on Sunday). The Bears started the run early with their first and only touchdown, which featured a balanced dose of David Montgomery and a flicker of fleas to catch the Packers by surprise. But they got away from it only to try to restart a rushing attack on an 89-yard drive in the fourth quarter, which ended when Justin Fields scored the fourth goal in the quarterback’s shotgun tie. Montgomery struggled for his 118 yards, but the offense failed to make the necessary adjustments needed to keep up with Green Bay, and the Bears’ star pass catchers went missing again. — Courtney Cronin

Next game: vs. Texans (Sunday 1:00 pm ET)

Arizona 29, Las Vegas 23


What you need to know: The Cardinals wouldn’t be in the position they were on Sunday, needing overtime to pull off an unpredictable victory over the Raiders if their offense had been better sooner. It’s hit a dead end early in the games and Arizona needs to find a way to get out of it or this season could quickly go off the rails. The attack again looked stagnant in the first half. Kyler Murray threw for just 53 yards, while the Cardinals had just 86. Only three receivers had goals. If Arizona continues to slow in on offense — meaning the defense spends more time on the field than necessary — it will be hard for the Cardinals to stay in the game at halftime. They were able to come back to win in Las Vegas, but that won’t always be the case.

How can Arizona speed up the attack? It really comes down to getting more players early and diversifying the gameplay. Over the course of two games, Arizona hasn’t used the various game challenges early on that can set the tone for both her offense and how the defense plays the Cardinals. The more receivers Arizona uses early in the game, the more the defense has to think, and the Cardinals can use that to their advantage. — Josh Weinfuss

Next game: vs. Rams (Sunday 4:25 pm ET)


What you need to know: With the same number of in-game wins as the Raiders last season — six to make the playoffs for just the second time since 2002 — it looks like their luck changed on Sunday. They also had a terrible second half on offense. Leading 20-0 in the half, the Raiders somehow allowed the Cardinals to force overtime, and with the opportunity to score the game-winning field goal in overtime, wide receiver Hunter Renfroe missed one play after quarterback Derek Carr nearly intercepted ball. The Raiders are 0-2 and, mind you, offseason prize money acquisition Davante Adams only had two catches for 12 yards with a 1-yard TD.

Which Raiders team did we see today: the one that dominated the first half, or the one that fell apart after the break? A bit of both. When Carr has the time, clean form and confidence, he can take down any defense. And he did. But it was against a Cardinals team that fired him only once — JJ Watt won him in the second game of the game. Because, no matter how impressive the attack looked in the first half with the score 20:0, after the break it was just as inconspicuous. And it’s more than worrisome for a team under new coach Josh McDaniels, whose game has stalled since the break. — Paul Gutierrez

Next game: at Titans (Sunday 1:00 pm ET)

Dallas 20, Cincinnati 17


What you need to know: Last October, Cooper Rush won the first start of his career. On Sunday, Rush put the Cowboys in position to beat the Bengals by completing all three passes for 30 yards to set up Brett Maher’s game-winning shot when time was up. It wasn’t pretty for the Cowboys offense, which gained 155 yards on the first two throws and 159 yards on the next seven before Rush got into position late. But victory is victory.

Can Micah Parsons set the record for most layoffs in a single season? With four in two games, he’s hitting 34 sacks, so why not? It won’t happen, but it hasn’t been blocked yet. Former Cowboys tackle Lael Collins won’t sleep well after meeting with Parsons on Sunday. Michael Strahan (2001) and TJ Watt (2021) share the record with 22.5. DeMarcus Ware holds a team record of 20 (2008). Parsons lined up almost exclusively as a pass rusher against the Bengals, and the Cowboys shouldn’t mess with a good thing. — Todd Archer

Next game: at the Giants (Monday, 8:15 pm ET)


What you need to know: The Cincinnati offense should be significantly better than in the first two weeks. This was evident in Sunday’s 20-17 loss to Dallas, in which the Bengals didn’t hit the red zone until deep in the fourth quarter. The performance came a week after they struggled on offense in overtime in a losing effort to the Steelers. Violation arose at the end of last season and requires an urgent solution.

Are bags a problem? Yes. At the moment, there is no getting away from this. After being fired seven times against the Steelers, Joe Burrow lost six times to the Cowboys. Often Burrow hurried, clambered, or was forced to play to evade pressure. This may be why the offense struggled during the first two weeks of the season. But either way, it certainly wasn’t the result the Bengals wanted when they added four new players to the offensive line during the off-season. — Ben Baby

Next game: at the Jets (Sunday 1:00 pm ET)

Denver 16, Houston 9


What you need to know: The season is just getting started, but the Broncos’ first two games were marked by pointless penalties (lots of false starts on Sunday and…