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NFL Week 4 Power Rankings 2022: 1-32 poll, plus rating QBs


Welcome to the fourth week of the NFL regular season. This season, we’ve seen our share of games come down to wires. Eighteen games have been decided by three points or less—six just last week. Gone are the days of explosions – the fourth quarter is more important than ever.

Our updated power rating is ready. And there have been significant changes to the top five, including a new number 1.

At the beginning of this season, we are not sure if anyone predicted that this team would rise in the rankings so quickly, but they are unbeatable and have been playing good football lately.

And there is another surprise team at number 3, the appearance of which few people expected. Can this team become the best in NFC over time? Time will tell.

The Jacksonville Jaguars rose significantly after beating Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers, and the New England Patriots fell significantly after losing to the Baltimore Ravens and QB McJones’ left ankle injury.

Below, we reached out to NFL Nation reporters across the league and asked them how each team’s QB is doing this season. We matched their responses with the team’s overall QBR and league placement.

How we update our Strength Ratings: Our Power Panel — a group of over 80 writers, editors, and broadcasters — evaluates how teams stack up over the course of the season.

So let’s get started. Here is our new team #1:

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1. Miami Dolphins (3-0)

Third week rating: 5

CBD team: 81.5
CBD Grade: 1st

Tua Tagovailoa hit the start every Dolphin fan dreams of in his third season in the NFL. He ranks second in the league in passing yards and is already halfway to matching his career-high in touchdowns with eight. He also leads the NFL in QBR and is second in yards per try. The new coaching staff and improved support roster around him seem to have unlocked the potential Miami saw when he was selected No. 5 overall in 2020 and is a big reason why the Dolphins are the only undefeated AFC team entering in the fourth week. — Marcel Louis Jacques

2. Buffalo Bills (2-1)

Third week rating: one

CBD team: 77.3
CBD Grade: 3rd

While the Bills are going through their first loss, Josh Allen started the season as an MVP candidate. He has the lowest off-target rate in the league (8.0%) and also leads in first down passes (49). Allen’s completion percentage (71.2%) and interception percentage (1.5%) would be career best. However, everything was not perfect. The Bills need to work on smoothing the offense as Allen is also the team’s leading player (113 yards), but the fifth-year quarterback has already set the stage for another impressive season. Alaina Getzenberg

3. Philadelphia Eagles (3-0)

Third week rating: eight

CBD team: 74.7
CBD Grade: 5th

Jalen Hurts is one of the early favorites for the league MVP title. His ground scoring remains strong — he ranks second among quarterbacks in yards (167) and first in touchdowns (three) — but the NFC has taken note of his passing success. Hurts completes 67.3% of his passes, compared to a career average of 60%. He is third in passing yards (916) and sixth in QBR (74.8). His outstanding performance is the main reason the Eagles are 3-0 up. — Tim McManus

4. Kansas City Chiefs (2-1)

Third week rating: 2

CBD team: 76.0
CBD Grade: 4th

Compared to most of his peers, Patrick Mahomes got off to a great start with eight touchdowns and one interception. But his season, he expected, was uneven. He had a great first game against the Cardinals, throwing for 360 yards and five touchdowns. Since then, his performance has not been as high, especially on Sunday when the Colts lost, when the Chiefs had numerous chances to delay the game and failed repeatedly. — Adam Tycher

5. Los Angeles Rams (2-1)

Third week rating: four

CBD team: 51.1
QBR rank: 13th

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford is playing well, but overall offense needs to be improved. Coach Sean McVeigh said after the Week 3 victory in Arizona that he felt the offense “just keeps getting to know our identity.” Stafford, who threw five interceptions in the first two games, threw none against the Cardinals and the offense made enough to win the game. Stafford threw just four touchdowns in three weeks. He is playing without wide receiver Van Jefferson, who is on injured reserve, and continues to rely on Cooper Kupp, whose share target is up (35%) from the 2021 season (32%). — Sara Barshop

6. Baltimore Ravens (2-1)

Third week rating: 9

CBD team: 79.3
CBD Grade: 2nd

Lamar Jackson played at the MVP level. He accounts for 87% of the Ravens’ offense, beating teams with hand and foot. He leads the NFL with 10 touchdown passes and is second with a QBR of 78.7. Jackson, however, remains just as dangerous in handling, producing the fourth most yards in the NFL (243) and a best average (9.35 yards per carry). The Ravens still don’t have their All-Pro left tackle (Ronnie Stanley), and the No. 1 running back (J.K. Dobbins) returned on Sunday. But Baltimore leads the league in scoring (33 points per game) because Jackson is the best double-threat quarterback in NFL history. — Jamison Hensley

7. Green Bay Packers (2-1)

Third week rating: 7

CBD team: 49.1
CBD Grade: 14th

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play better or worse, he plays differently. He throws it shorter than ever. He averaged just 3.0 air yards against the Buccaneers on Sunday. That’s about half the NFL average. Consequently, most of his footage fell on fishing. He is on track to post a career-lowest yardage average (5.1) and a high YAC percentage (65%). Perhaps this could change if budding successor Romeo Doubs continued to release music. — Rob Demovski

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1)

Third week rating: 3

CBD team: 46.9
CBD Grade: 18th

Tom Brady’s overall QBR in his first three games is 46.9, good for 18th in the league and his second lowest since 2006. tell the full story. Brady went two games without Chris Godwin, Julio Jones and starting left tackle Donovan Smith, and the Bucks missed Mike Evans in Week 3 due to suspension. Get him some wide receivers back – Evans and Jones will be back this week – and give them all some time to grapple and they should prove themselves if they can avoid more injuries. — Jenna Lane

9. Minnesota Vikings (2-1)

Third week rating: eleven

CBD team: 45.9
CBD Grade: 19th

Kirk Cousins ​​is clearly still adjusting to the Vikings’ scheme under new coach Kevin O’Connell. Most notably, Cousins ​​threw three interceptions in the Eagles’ Week 2 loss. “That’s not what I want,” the quarterback said of the team’s offensive comfort level. But the Cousins ​​are no stranger to slow starts since signing with the Vikings in 2018; his current overall QBR of 45.9 is higher than he was in weeks 1-3 of 2019 (35.5) and 2020 (31.2). — Kevin Seifert

10. Cincinnati Bengals (1-2)

Third week rating: fifteen

CBD team: 47.1
CBD Grade: 16th

Joe Barrow finds his way. The Bengals quarterback easily had his best week of the 2022 season, defeating the Jets in Week 3 when he completed 63.9% of his passes for 275 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions. He had very good pocket sense and led the offense in a game the Bengals were desperate for a win. After an emergency appendectomy at the start of training camp, Burrow’s QBR is 46.3 lower than last season’s (60.2). But his latest performance suggests things could turn up after a slow start to the season. — Ben Baby

11. Cleveland Browns (2-1)

Third week rating: 17

CBD team: 62.6
CBD Grade: 8th

In three games, Jacoby Brisset was arguably the Browns’ biggest surprise, and arguably one of the most unexpected players in the NFL. He is ninth in the QBR (62.6), ahead of Justin Herbert, Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers, among others. He completed 66.3% of his passes and threw for four touchdowns with only one interception. The running game was productive, but Cleveland ranks fifth in offensive efficiency because of his quarterback. If Brisset can keep up this level of play, the Browns should be a solid playoff roster once Deshawn Watson returns from a Week 13 suspension. Jake Trotter

12. Denver Broncos (2-1)

Third week rating: 13

CBD team: 45.1
CBD Grade: 21st

The Broncos are 2-1, so that’s good news. And Russell Wilson helped them make some important late games in two wins – good news too. But overall, Wilson and the Broncos offense needs a lot more progress. At times he has looked a little out of his element in the new formation as he and coach Nathaniel Hackett try to strike a balance by getting Wilson to get the ball out quickly without depriving him of his off-schedule ability. He has a 59.4% completion rate and two touchdown passes. But at key moments he moved the ball, and there is optimism that we are waiting for even bigger draws. — Jeff Legvold

13. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1)

Third week rating: 24

CBD team: 71.6
CBD Grade: 6th

Trevor Lawrence looks like the first choice. After a rough start in the first game against the Washingtons, he posted the second and third highest-ranked games of his career, smashing the Colts and Chargers. He is sixth in the NFL in overall QBR (72.9) and seventh in completion percentage (69.4). Most importantly, he does not flip the ball (only one interception). He thrived under head coach Doug Pederson after a losing season with Urban Meyer. — Michael DiRocco

14. San Francisco 49ers (1-2)

Third week rating: ten

CBD team: 37.0
CBD Grade: 26th

It would be hard to judge Jimmy Garoppolo by one game if that game wasn’t so similar to the many others he started with the 49ers over the years….

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