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NFL Winners and Losers: Eagles pull out clutch win, but they struggled vs. Colts

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The Philadelphia Eagles won as everyone was counting on Sunday’s game against the Indianapolis Colts. But there are probably more questions about the Eagles after the victory than before.

First, any win in the NFL is a good thing, and the Eagles put a lot of effort into getting that win. According to CBS, they didn’t win, trailing by 10 or more points in the fourth quarter after beating the New York Giants in 2010. It was DeSean Jackson’s famous punt return game, the Miracle in the New Meadowlands game. The Eagles were 10 points behind going into the fourth quarter on Sunday and found a way to steal a 17–16 win.

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Jalen Hurts tied the quarterback for the third goal and ran through the huge hole in center to score with 1:20 left. It was the first time the Eagles had taken the lead in the entire game.

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The defense got a stoppage after that. Brandon Graham had a huge bag on the third down. After that, Matt Ryan inexplicably checked-down on the fourth and 21st, and the game was over. Philadelphia avoided a second defeat in seven days after a great 8-0 start to the season. But the Eagles have something to worry about, at least moderately.

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The Eagles fought the Colts for most of the day, led by former high school coach and ESPN broadcast analyst Jeff Saturday. Philadelphia couldn’t move the ball for most of the day. His defense gave up a long touchdown to start the game and Indy led most of the game after that.

The eagles looked flat. They’ve had a short week since losing to the Washington Commanders on Monday night and have had to travel, but they’re still way better than the Colts. It rarely looked like this.

Philadelphia did better on the run after letting a long touchdown start the game, but Washington successfully beat them last week and it’s still a weakness. The offense, which had seemed unstoppable for most of that eight-game winning streak, barely happened, aside from being led by Hurts. Hurts is very good as a runner, but Eagles need more. They need to figure out how to make A.J. Brown work again. Maybe the loss of tight end Dallas Godert, who is on standby due to a shoulder injury he sustained from a revealing mask that wasn’t penalized, will be more of an offensive hurdle than expected.

In general, it’s great to be 9-1. No one will remember that the Eagles struggled to beat the Colts in Week 11, only that they won. But there are fears until the Eagles return to their level from the first half of the season.

AJ Brown of the Philadelphia Eagles flies through the air after being hit by Julian Blackmon of the Colts.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
AJ Brown of the Philadelphia Eagles flies through the air after being hit by Julian Blackmon of the Colts. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Here are the rest of the week 11 NFL season winners and losers:


Derek Carr, Davante Adams and Josh McDaniels: The Las Vegas Raiders season can’t be saved, but it’s always nice to win.

Last week, Carr stood on the podium, emotionally broken after yet another defeat. He must have enjoyed winning 22-16 in overtime at the Denver Broncos.

McDaniels, the former head coach of the Broncos, must have been very pleased, he was a minute away from another defeat and was on very thin ice.

After the Broncos failed to finish the game on a first down, Carr hit Josh Jacobs with a long-range pass to score the game-tying field goal shortly before the end of regulation time. In overtime, Adams was wide open and caught a touchdown in 35 yards.

It was a terrible season and there was a lot of speculation about what would happen next in Las Vegas. The victory gives the Raiders a brief reprieve from it all.

Ty Higgins: With Ja’Marr Chase out of action for several weeks with a hip injury, the Cincinnati Bengals needed a 1B wide receiver to rev up.

On Sunday, Higgins was perhaps the biggest difference as the Bengals pulled off a massive 37–30 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Higgins had nine catches for 148 yards on a day when the Bengals were unable to control the ball and weren’t good on defense. Joe Burrow had 355 yards and although he distributed the ball well, Higgins was his favorite target.

The Bengals are still in the AFC North with a 6-4 record. They’ll bring Chase back soon. Until he returns, Higgins needs to keep playing like he did on Sunday.

The odds of the Houston Texans getting the first pick in the draft: Every defeat for the Texans is good. The Texans are 1-8-1 and are looking forward to the first pick in the NFL Draft next year. Davis Mills, who hit a six to start Sunday’s scoring, is not Houston’s answer at quarterback. There are a few QBs in next year’s draft that could solve this problem.

However, Houston fans would probably love it if their team was a little bit competitive. Houston was terrible in a 23-10 loss against the Washington Commanders. They were losing 20-0 at half time at home. They had 5 yards at halftime, the lowest by any team this season. Houston looked like a team that knows they won’t be competitive. At the very least, if the Texans continue to lose, they are not in danger of losing first place in the overall standings.

The Unexpected Journey of the Buffalo Bills: The bills had some trouble last week.

At the beginning of the week, several players fell ill. Their home game against the Cleveland Browns was then moved to Detroit due to a heavy snowstorm. Getting out of Buffalo on Saturday was uncertain, but the Bills made it to Michigan.

In the beginning, the Bills looked even against the Browns, and that was understandable. They trailed 7-0. For the Bills, who lost two games in a row, this was bad news. But then Billy agreed. The defense played very well. The offense handled the ball effectively and Josh Allen made several plays. The Bills won 31-23, although there were some scary moments.

The Bills return to Detroit to play the Lions (4-6) on Thanksgiving. If they go through their games in Detroit in a row with a couple of wins, they should feel good.

Baltimore Ravens, possibly: The Ravens shouldn’t be playing at home against the Carolina Panthers. They had to deal with a Panther team that had no chance of winning with Baker Mayfield at quarterback.

But the Crows fought. They ended up winning 13-3, but it wasn’t pretty. It was 3-3 in the fourth quarter. The Ravens took a 6-3 lead and then Lamar Jackson scored a quick touchdown.

Pay tribute to the protection of the Ravens. This side of the ball played well, although the Panthers have a terrible offense. When the Ravens were in possession, they rarely played big. It was a win anyway, so there shouldn’t be too much to worry about, but you’d like the Ravens to play better than them.

FOXBOROW, MA - NOVEMBER 20: Zach Wilson #2 of
Zach Wilson didn’t help the Jets hit hard in a 10-3 loss to New England. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)


This Viking Footboard: One loss doesn’t erase everything Minnesota has done. It’s still 8-2 and on track for the NFC North championship.

However, anyone who thought the Vikings were Super Bowl contenders probably doesn’t think so anymore.

On Sunday, the Vikings lost to the Dallas Cowboys 40-3. The Cowboys are a good team (one loss to the Packers didn’t change that), and they looked like Super Bowl contenders on Sunday. Tony Pollard was great, Ezekiel Elliot threw a couple of touchdowns, and the defense kept Kirk Cousins ​​breathless. It was impressive.

Vikings are still good. Probably just not great. And they definitely don’t want to see Dallas in the playoffs again.

Zach Wilson: The New York Jets have a long way to go to know exactly what they have in Wilson. He’s only in the second season.

It’s just hard to believe that a quarterback who looked so bad on Sunday could end up being a good NFL quarterback.

The New England Patriots win will be remembered for Marcus Jones’ dramatic 84-yard touchdown return with 5 seconds left. This gave them a 10-3 win. What really won the game was that their defense destroyed Wilson.

Wilson didn’t play positively most of the day. He was terrible. He was 9 of 22 for 77 yards. The Jets are having a good season despite their quarterback. They won’t keep winning if Wilson doesn’t play better or the defense doesn’t do much to hold them back.

It’s too early to give up on Wilson. But nothing good is seen for him.

Justin Fields in a clutch: Each of the last three Chicago Bears games used the same script. Fields plays well, the Bears defense gets the stops they need, Fields has a chance for a dramatic winning drive but falls short. This time, in a 27-24 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, Fields threw David Montgomery high through the center and he was played with 1:06 left. It fixed the loss. Fields also injured his left shoulder late in the game, which may have been a concern.

Fields has played much better and has a few moments of tension. He still has some work as a passer, although he has little help. It would be nice if Fields invented the clutch drive. He had many chances.

Terrible Rams season gets worse: The 1999 Denver Broncos set a record for the most losses among active players…


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