Henderson, Nevada. This offseason has been eventful for NHL players, with high-profile deals and unexpected free agent signings.

Not to mention weddings, golfing and scooter rides along the Amalfi Coast.

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Sportzshala reporters Ryan Clark, Kristen Shilton and Greg Wyshinsky sat down with more than a dozen stars during the NHL Player Media Tour near Las Vegas last week to find out which offseason action shocked them the most; a preview of which teams and players are most looking forward to in the 2022-23 season; find out which NHL rules they would like to change or eliminate; and what were their personal summer moments before the camps started.

What is the best thing you did this summer?

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Trevor Zegras, Anaheim Ducks: “I was at the US Open. Amazing. I have seen [Nick] Kyrgios, he is my favorite player.”

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Quinn Hughes, Vancouver Canucks: “We were in Michigan. We played a lot of golf. We went to Hawaii for a bit. We went to New York for a bit. It was fun… My brother, my dad, Zegras were there. [Dylan] Larkin. It was good. I would say that Larks is the best golfer, then Z, and after that everyone else.

Jack Hughes, New Jersey Devils: “We played a lot of tennis. Played a lot of golf. Spent a lot of time with friends. It was a wonderful summer. And now we’re ready to go.”

Mark Stone, Vegas Golden Knights: “I had surgery on my back, so I had a lot of treatment. I have traveled quite a lot. I was in Winnipeg meeting my family and it was amazing. I returned to Ottawa, where my wife is from, to see my family. was a good change to come back to Canada.”

Jack Achel, Vegas Golden Knights: “I was in Hawaii at the beginning of the summer. It was really cool. This has always been on my wish list. – day trip through waterfalls, different beaches – black sand beach, red sand beach. Hawaii has far fewer tourists and more culture. I thought it was really cool.”

Jonathan Huberdeau, Calgary Flames: “Of course, I moved to another country. But my country. I moved to Canada where I’m from. There were a lot of emotional events, but it was a summer that I will definitely remember.”

Nick Suzuki, Montreal Canadiens: “A lot of everything. Formula 1 in Montreal. Festivals in Montreal. Comedy shows. It’s been a busy summer, but it’s been fun.”

Clayton Keller, Arizona Coyotes: “I rehabilitated [from a knee injury] all summer, so I didn’t have time to do anything. I rented a boat on the Fourth of July. It was about it.”

Jake Oettinger, Dallas Stars: “I played golf at Pebble Beach. Me, my dad, a friend and his dad. I played with my father when I was growing up, so it was definitely on the wish list.”

Matthew Barzal, New York Islanders: “I was in Paris for five days. I really liked Paris: fashion, food, lifestyle. Then the Amalfi Coast for about nine days. Only beach clubs and such a vacation. The Mediterranean is so relaxing and beautiful. But the coolest thing I did” I rented a Vespa and rode a scooter around the Amalfi Coast. Super cool.”

Cam Atkinson, Philadelphia Flyers: “We always go back to Connecticut the first week of August to see the family. We had a nice surprise party for my mom.”

Thomas Hurtle, San Jose Sharks: “I made a couple of trips. I have been to Mykonos in Greece, it was amazing. I have also been to Austria. But every year I take my brother and two cousins ​​on a trip. “I don’t know where we’re going. This time we flew to Manchester to watch the Manchester United game against Liverpool. We are all diehard Manchester United fans and they won 2-1. We had great seats and tickets for Old Trafford were sold out.”

Robert Thomas, St. Louis Blues: “It was my first big wedding summer. Now I’m entering the age where you go to weddings. Been to the weddings of a couple of teammates. There may be some pressure; I think they want to make sure their wedding is talked about for a while.”

Philip Dano, Los Angeles Kings: “I took care of my daughter. It was the coolest. She is now 6 months old. We went from one child to two. We also have a small 3.5-year-old child.”

Jordan Staal, Carolina Hurricanes: “For my 1000th game, the guys gave me a trip to Pebble Beach with my brothers. I had never been there before, so it was something special. Very funny. anyway the lake this summer so it was our only chance to see them. All our families went to Eric’s house. So 11 kids under his roof. All the dads flew away, and the moms somehow dealt with 11 children.

“I didn’t beat them very well. I haven’t played that much [before the trip]. I went there and hoped that I would be lucky, but I didn’t.”

Which off-season NHL trade or signing surprised you the most?

Darcy Kemper, Washington Capitals: “You know what I would say? My teammate – or should I say ex-teammate – Nazem Kadri signed with Calgary.

Zegras: Matthew Tkachuk and Jonathan Huberdeau. It was great.”

Matthew Tkachuk, Florida Panthers: “I can’t say what I want. Then no. Pretty boring summer. Nothing surprised.”

Huberdo: “Oh, that’s a good question! It was probably me and Tkachuk and Wiggs and all those guys. I think Calgary won that trade.”

Quinn Hughes: “You must go with [Johnny] Gaudreau goes to Columbus. I just feel like you’re listening to Philadelphia or New Jersey or Calgary. Then he went there. It was kind of amazing.”

Oettinger: “John Klingberg in Anaheim. It’s hard to imagine him leaving, obviously we’re pretty close. You knew the situation, but it was hard to see him leave for sure. He takes his money to the cards. I will miss it a lot.”

Barzal: “Speculation about Nazem Qadri was all over the place so it was fun to follow. We were involved.

Jack Hughes: “Oh, definitely Matt Tkachuk. It was like 11 o’clock on a random day. Crazy deal.”

Atkinson: “Johnny Gaudreau. Johnny Hockey is moving to Columbus. It’s amazing. I can’t say anything bad about the organization. This is where I live during the offseason. This is where I’ll live when I’m done playing hockey. For the team. It’s better for the city. Too bad that we never had such a person [when I was in Columbus].

“I remember my wife and I were driving and they announced that the Blue Jackets were a dark horse for him and I thought, ‘No way. But I have spoken to him many times and I vouch for the city wherever I go.”

Hertz: Gaudreau to Columbus. We’ve all heard rumors about how much he can sign and that he could get even more money from other teams. He made it to Columbus, which I don’t think anyone expected.”

Thomas: “The biggest deal was the deal between Tkachuk and Huberdeau. It was a pretty big blockbuster. As a hockey fan, it was very interesting for me to watch this. [Tkachuk] you’ll love it, that’s for sure [laughs].”

Given: “I will go with my team: Kevin Fiala. To be honest, I was surprised by this deal, and then we gave him seven years on a big contract. It is clear that [GM Rob Blake] wants to win. And Fiala is one of those pieces that you need to win.”

Jared McCann, Seattle Cracken: “The exchange was definitely Oliver Bjorkstrand. [to Seattle]. It was theft. This guy is so underrated. He is so good. We are very, very happy to have him.”

Staal: “One Huberdo. You just don’t see such big names, with a cap and all these funny things that move. So it was very unique.”

Jacob Truba, New York Rangers: “Deal with Brent Burns. Carolina made some big moves this summer.”

Which team other than yours are you most excited to watch this season?

Brady Tkachuk, Ottawa Senators: “Despite the fact that they are in our division, I would say in Florida, just for personal reasons. I’m excited to see Matthew’s future success.”

Quinn Hughes: “I have a lot of fun watching The Devils because my brother is there!”

Stone: “Probably in Florida. I’m close with Brady and the Tkachuk family, and when Matthew goes there, it’s a whole new look for this team. I’m interested to see how they react.”

Huberdo: “I don’t really like following any team.”

Suzuki: “Actually, probably Calgary. Loss of Gaudreau and Tkachuk. I think they made a bunch of good moves and there are a lot of good players out there.”

Oettinger: “Ottawa. I know Brady. [Tkachuk] from Boston University. I never had a chance to play against him, so I’m excited. They have a lot of good young talents. It will be fun. Maybe not flight and shooting, but a powerful attack.

Barzal: “Ottawa is very tempting to watch. New guys and a powerful attack. Let’s see”.

Jack Hughes: “I enjoy watching Vancouver. I think they had a good offseason. And obviously I always keep an eye on Quinn. They will be good this year.”

Atkinson: Ottawa Senators and Calgary Flames. In Calgary, you get rid of some of the best players in the world and then you get a couple of the best players. So it will be interesting to see the dynamics in Calgary. in Ottawa by entering [Claude Giroux] and Alex DeBrinkat, it’s good for the game.”

Hertz: “I’m happy to play against Nashville in Prague.”

Thomas: “Ottawa. They have added some good pieces and they have a lot of good young players. It will be interesting to watch them.”

Given: “I think Montreal is my old team. Just because of some of the moves they made. Curious to see what they have and in what direction they go.”

McCann: “I always watch Pittsburgh play. Sid, Jeno and other guys. I wasn’t surprised the group stayed together. They have done so many amazing things for this organization that they deserve to stay together and end their careers there if they want to.” .”

Bake: “The Calgary and Florida trade was so big, so it has to be Calgary. They were a good team last year and made some pretty big changes.”

Which player are you most looking forward to on the ice this year?

Camper: “Probably Connor McDavid. He is the most interesting guy to watch…