No Gavin Lux — big problem. What’s the Dodgers’ plan at shortstop?


One of the things that set the Los Angeles Dodgers apart during their ten-year playoff streak was their remarkable depth. Many times an organization has been forced to quickly turn to the next person to find an alternative. That’s how the Dodgers continue to win despite injuries that have taken everyone from Clayton Kershaw to Mookie Betts in recent seasons.

Their vulnerability now, following a season-ending knee injury to Gavin Lux, is very unusual in the Dodgers universe, especially in such an important position as a shortstop in the first year of the lockdown restrictions that helped cover defensive commitments.

Lux, 25, seemed ready for a day-to-day role in 2023 after completing three apprenticeship seasons with the Dodgers. But even he would have a hard time making Dodgers fans forget Trea Turner, who was an All-Star and team silver medalist in 2022 before leaving as a free agent. With Turner absorbing most of his playing time at this location for Los Angeles, the Dodgers took first place. 3rd place in major WAR shortstop tournaments last year; now it could be a challenge for Dodgers shortstops to rank higher than the bottom third.

These are some of the alternatives manager Dave Roberts and the organization should consider in the eyes of industry assessors who spoke and texted Tuesday night after Lux’s extended absence was made public.

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