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Notre Dame Opponents: Syracuse letdown at Clemson only sets up Orange this week Things We Learned: Notre Dame offense, QB Drew Pyne look to ‘tailor’ approach despite limitations Highlights: Notre Dame 44, UNLV 21 — Led by Michael Mayer and Irish defensive havoc Notre Dame, Isaiah Foskey rout UNLV early, coast late in 44-21 win Notre Dame vs UNLV: Time, Peacock, Preview and Predictions

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The first rankings that matter are still a week away, but looking at the AP top 25, Notre Dame may have the toughest remaining schedule in the country as it faces three top 16 teams. Without examining each team’s schedule, only a couple of Pac-12 teams can match the Irish on that claim.

This weekend, Cal hosts Oregon’s No. 8 before heading to No. 10 at USC and finishing the season against UCLA’s No. 12. Arizona is also set to face USC and UCLA, slipping between them at No. 14 in Utah, a major test for the Wildcats over the next three weeks.

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There’s an obvious irony that this heaviest November (and Halloween weekend) comes from the independent and supposedly weakest of the Power Five conferences, but that’s a conversation for another day and would require a major disclaimer in both size and selectivity. . the nature of this specimen. For now, attention should just be focused on the next two weeks of Notre Dame, the second consecutive regular season that the Irish have faced top-20 opponents in a row (No. 18 in Wisconsin, then No. 7 in Cincinnati last year) and the fourth once. since 2017.

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No. 16 Syracuse (6-1): After a crushing 27-21 loss to Clemson, the Orange had to bounce back quickly. If he does, he may still be in the New Year’s Six bowl, but another loss could shatter that hope. This thought suggests that the Tigers will advance to the college football playoffs, after which the next highest-ranked ACC team will go to the Orange Bowl. Syracuse is currently second only to Wake Forest No. 10 in this respect, but they meet each other on the weekend before Thanksgiving.

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A loss, however, could see the Oranges succumb to No. 21 in North Carolina, the current clear leader who won the last ACC Coastal title, and then lose to Clemson in the conference title game. North Carolina at 11-2 would have ranked higher than Syracuse at 10-2.

In other words, Syracuse may have missed last week, but one more is clearly ahead. Dino Babers‘ starting this week against Notre Dame (12 ET; ABC) as the favorite with 2.5 points as of Wednesday afternoon, with a total over/under of 47.5.

No. 5 Clemson (8-0): After the comeback against Syracuse, the Tigers have a week off, which is a later week of downtime than most teams have in a season. It will be filled with drama.

Clemson committed four turnovers against the Oranges, leading to DJ Wiagaleley get a freshman bench Cade Strawberry. Both of them relied on a sophomore running back Will Shipleywho gained 172 yards on 27 carries, more than making up for the fumble that caused the sensation in Syracuse.

Having changed the rules of the game in the style of South Florida at Notre Dame in 2011, USC at Notre Dame in 2011 and Virginia Tech at Notre Dame in 2019, Irish fans should be well aware of how one game can skew the game despite that one team plays much better. what the assessment suggests.

Clemson led Syracuse by 450 yards to 291. He hit 7 of 15 combinations on third and fourth downs compared to 3 of 11 for the Oranges.

Now the head coach of the Tigers. Dabo Sweeney must abide by the delicate line of the quarterback dispute for two weeks before entering South Bend.

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Syracuse stood face to face with Clemson. This was followed by a compulsive crash without heroism in the late game.

Fleet (2-5): The midshipmen could hardly compete with Houston, trailing 38-20, trailing 441 yards at 6.9 yards per game. The Navy’s problem this week was defense, not offense, which gained 201 yards on 50 throws.

Temple should not threaten the midshipmen’s defense (3:30 AM ET; CBSSN), not with a 13.5 point advantage for the Navy.

Boston College (2-5): Oh how the eagles keep falling. Which is more humiliating: losing 43-15 to Wake Forest and giving up 428 yards to 315, or now going to Connecticut (12 ET; CBSSN) as a 7.5-point favorite?

No. 10 USC (6-1): The Trojans enjoyed a week off after their last-minute loss in Utah, and now they can also enjoy a second week off in Arizona (7 ET; Pac-12 Network). With a 15.5 point lead, you can expect USC’s offense to pick up steam early and often.

No. 2 Ohio State (7-0): star receiver Jackson Smith-Njigba he has yet to break away from his Week 1 injury against Notre Dame, but this week he snapped 22 shots in the Buckeyes’ 54-10 win over Iowa, a step towards cruise control for Ohio State. With all due respect to No. 13 Penn State (12 ET; FOX), it’s hard to imagine the Nittany Lions holding back the Bakees, especially as underdogs with 15.5 points.

Marshall (4-3): The herd is upset James Madison26-12 and now in favor against Coastal Carolina (7 ET; NFL Net), slightly turning things around for Marshall after his valley after that upset in South Bend.

Cal (3-4): Cal did the same as Cal did under Justin Wilcoxrecognized as the underdog in a 28-21 loss to Washington and will now have a chance to do so again against No. 8 Oregon (3:30 AM ET; FS1), although he is now a fearsome 17-point underdog.

No. 21 North Carolina (6-1): The lowest-ranked, fifth-ranked team with one loss, the Hills have taken a week off and can now start climbing the ranks with a win over Pitt (8 ET; ACCN), although they only won by play.

BYU (4-4): The Cougars quickly fell apart, completely embarrassed by a 41-14 loss to the Liberty. They may still be the field goal favorites against East Carolina (Friday 8 ET; ESPN2) this week, but a brave soul might see value in a Pirates outright win.

Stanford (3-4): The Cardinal kept a 15–14 victory over Arizona State. Guess how many touchdowns Stanford scored? As much as you did.

It will take much more success to keep up with No. 12 UCLA (10:30 AM ET; ESPN) as a 16.5 point underdog.

UNLV (4-4): Enjoy your week off, rebels.

Friday at 8 ET – East Carolina to BYU (ESPN2)

12 ET – Notre Dame in Syracuse (ABC); Ohio in Pennsylvania (FOX); Boston College at the University of California (CBSSN)
3:30 AM ET – Temple in the Navy (CBSSN); Oregon in California (FS1)
7 Eastern European Time – USC in Arizona (Pac-12 network); Coastal Carolina at Marshall (NFL network)
8 years ET – Pittsburgh in North Carolina (ACCN)
10:30 AM ET — Stanford at UCLA (ESPN)

Favorites: Syracuse (-2.5) vs. Notre Dame; Navy (-13.5) vs. Temple; Boston College (-7.5) at the University of California, Connecticut; USC (-15.5) in Arizona; Ohio (-15.5) in Pennsylvania; Marshall (-2.5) vs. Coastal Carolina; North Carolina (-3) vs. Pittsburgh; BYU (-3) vs East Carolina.
Losers: Cal (+17) vs. Oregon; Stanford (+16.5) at UCLA.

Alternate quarterbacks are often referred to as the most popular players on a team. The fans are so quick to assume that the understudy can play better than the striker because the passer in front of them misses passes or makes mistakes. True to Notre Dame in almost every season, including this one when he was a sophomore. Tyler Buechner fought Marshall for most of the day in the Irish’s second defeat in this wayward fall.

Perhaps an addition should be added to this typical phrase “the most popular player on the team”. Maybe after that there is a long pause and “until he is gone.”

Such is the fate of the Notre Dame starting quarterback. Drew Pinehaving played five games in that lead role and suddenly lacked any forward momentum despite his second and third starts with six touchdowns and only one interception.

He is no longer the favorite player of Irish fans, no longer the object of hindsight that he should have started from the start, no longer the driving force behind Notre Dame’s offense. Although, to be clear, Pine will remain the Irish starter this season as long as he is healthy.

“The quarterback game, I know some guys can make it look easy, but it’s really hard,” the head coach said. Marcus Freeman Monday said…


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