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Notre Dame’s Opponents: Boston College’s struggles make Irish worries look tame; Clemson faces first real test Things We Learned: Notre Dame’s offensive explosion a sign of needed in-season development Highlights: Notre Dame 45, North Carolina 32 — Irish RBs spur offense, Pyne finds downfield attack Notre Dame offensive explosion puts North Carolina on its heels early Notre Dame vs North Carolina: Time, TV, Preview & Prediction with the Irish as underdogs

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Attention around Notre Dame (1-2) is currently focused on North Carolina (3:30 AM ET; ABC), and rightly so, but some attention should be given to developments further north along the east coast.

Boston College could be in trouble. Eagles head coach Jeff HafleyA third season is in danger of being completely wiped out by offensive line issues that make the Irish lack of depth in wide receivers look like a complete set of options. Boston College quarterback Phil Yurkovets has been decently public for his frustration with his offensive line, exacerbating issues that could undermine what some saw as a promising season for the Eagles.

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Notre Dame won’t play Boston College until mid-November, but there’s a very real chance the Eagles will be 3-7 by then, with Yurkovets’ hopes for the 2023 NFL Draft on hold for a year.

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But first Tar Heels…

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North Carolina (3-0): The Tar Heels have enjoyed a week of downtime, but don’t think that puts the Irish at a disadvantage. The Power Five teams, who were out of action for several weeks last season and then clashed with the Power Five teams, scored 32-33.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Irish are 1.5 points behind in Chapel Hill, which almost means they are being picked in this game. The combined over/under points total at PointsBet is the highest for Notre Dame since the season opened. A score of 56 suggests the winner could score 30 points, which is hard to believe due to the Irish attack lately.

BYU (2-1): The Cougars’ theoretical playoff run came to an abrupt and decisive end. 15 Oregon, fall 41-20. The Ducks ran BYU in a way that Notre Dame might want to remember, taking 44 carries for 212 yards, an average rush that jumps to 5.44 yards if you subtract one loss at 22 yards from the receiver.

The Cougars rebound against Wyoming (10:15 AM ET; ESPN2) as the 22-point favorite. The Cowboys upset the Air Force last week as a three-possession underdog, but to surprise like this two weeks in a row would be another level of achievement.

Stanford (1-1): It took the Cardinal a week to regroup, and perhaps enough time to think Stanford could scare No. 18 Washington (10:30 AM ET; FS1) even as a two-touchdown underdog.

UNLV (2-1): Last week, the Rebels became the trendy choice to get upset by accepting North Texas as short favourites. Instead, the protector Doug Brumfield threw for 211 yards and touched down twice on a 21-of-27 pass to lead UNLV to an easy 58–27 victory. As hard as it is to believe, the Rebels are taking advantage for the second week in a row, this time on the road in Utah (7 ET; CBSSN). And more shockingly, the 2.5-point spread seems too small.

Syracuse (3-0): It’s time to talk to your kids about ranked Syracuse, 5-0 Syracuse, but maybe not ACC contender Syracuse yet. Sliding past Purdue 32-29 in a game that would take 1,000 words to describe, the Orange survived what was to be their last major test in a couple of weeks.

As for the ending, realize that in this first photo below, Purdue is starting after taking a last-minute lead from his own 5-yard line. Then the second photo below shows the start of Syracuse. after touchdownfrom the plus-35 yard line.

Orange quarterback Garret Sharder fell ill this week and probably missed some training time, which gives some insight into his uneven record: 181 yards and three touchdowns on 13 of 29 passes and another 83 yards on 17 rushes.

Sure, true college football chaos would have Syracuse tripping over Virginia (7 ET Friday; ESPN), but a 9-point spread calls that into question.

No. 5 Clemson (3-0): The Tigers beat Louisiana Tech 48-20, yawn. They now head to Wake Forest at No. 21 (12 ET; ABC) and play the Deacons’ star quarterback. Sam Hartman definitely looks fully reintegrated into Dave Clawsonresentment. It causes the opposite of yawning.

Clemson scored a 55.5 over/under touchdown. The Tigers’ performance, which suggested 31 points against a viable Power Five opponent, stands out in itself as a reason to believe in Clemson’s playoff hopes, no matter how hard the Wake Forest defense often struggles.

Fleet (0-2): It’s ironic that both the Midshipmen and Stanford took an early day off this season. Both programs have fallen so far. Their seasons, now on parallel paths, would make for a unique comparison.

Whatever the case, Navy heads to East Carolina (6 ET; ESPN+) with a 16.5 underdog. Anyone who supported the Midshipmen earlier this week probably thought so. Ken Newmatolo made good use of this idle week.

Boston College (1-2): The Eagles defeated Maine at the FCS level, 38–17. Yurkovec threw for 320 yards and landed twice on 25 of 37 throws. However, Boston College’s problems were again evident.

His starting offensive line on Saturday included a former defenseman and a former defender. This offseason, the Eagles have found only one transfer to solve this depth issue, a player from Lehigh.

And all this after last year’s team lost all five in the starting lineup, and this season lost two more.

Boston College is Florida State’s underdog with 17.5 points (8 ET; ACCN), and that gap has widened as the realities of the Eagles’ offensive line have become more and more clear.

No. 7 USC (3-0): Anyone who tries to claim to know what Trojans are is bragging where they shouldn’t be. A 45-17 victory over Fresno State after the Bulldogs lost their all-star quarterback is again an inconclusive result, but USC has scored eight of his 10 real possessions, so at least this offense is just as intimidating. how long advertised.

Now the Trojans are heading to Oregon (9:30 AM ET; Pac-12 Network) with just six points, a game that the bookmakers apparently see as something of a trap.

No. 3 Ohio State (3-0): The Buckeyes greeted the receivers Jackson Smith-Njigba and Julina Fleming, who scored 77 points at Toledo in a 77-21 win. Neither played a major role, although Fleming caught two touchdowns, but both just played, which was a big step for Ohio State’s long-term hopes.

The Buckeyes are hailing Wisconsin (7:30 a.m. ET; ABC) as the 18.5-point favorite, showing how respected Ohio State remains compared to the best players in the West’s Big Ten.

Marshall (2-1): The Herd lost to Bowling Green, 34-31, in overtime. But in terms of goals, the Marshalls are still ahead. Dominate the Sunbelt and the bowl of the New Year’s Six will most likely follow. This path starts in Troy (7 ET; NFL Network), which is favored by 3.5 points.

Cal (2-1): The Bears will recover their first loss of the season by kicking off the Pac-12 game against Arizona (5:30 p.m. ET; Pac-12 network). Given the field goal, one might wonder what type of ground play the Wildcats can boast of?

Friday at 7 pm ET: Virginia in Syracuse (ESPN).
Saturday at 12:00 pm ET: Clemson at Wake Forest (ABC).
3:30 AM ET: Notre Dame in North Carolina (ABC).
5:30 AM ET: Arizona in Cal (Pac-12 network).
6 ET: Navy in East Carolina (ESPN+).
7 ET: UNLV in Utah (CBSSN); Marshall in Troy (NFL Network).
7:30 AM ET: Wisconsin in Ohio (ABC).
8 ET: Boston College of Florida State (ACCN).
9:30 AM ET: USC in Oregon (Pac-12 network).
10:15 am ET: Wyoming at BYU (ESPN2).
10:30 AM ET: Stanford in Washington (FS1).

Favorites: North Carolina (-1.5) vs. Notre Dame; BYU (-22) vs. Wyoming; UNLV (-2.5) in Utah; Syracuse (-9.0) vs. Virginia; Clemson (-7.0) to Wake Forest; USC (-6.5) in Oregon; Ohio State (-18.5) vs. Wisconsin; Marshall (-3.5) in Troy; Cal (-3) vs. Arizona.
Losers: Navy (+16.5) in East Carolina; Boston College (+17.5) in Florida.

Notre Dame knew that in North Carolina it would have to rely on runners. It wasn’t so much a reflection of the soft Tar Heels defense as it was a reflection of the Irish lineup, although that defense was certainly ripe for use.

with a sophomore Logan Diggs healthy after notre dame’s missed win over cal…


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