Odell Beckham, Jr. seems to indicate he’s been offered only $4 million per year

As mentioned earlier in the day, any free agent that remains available this far in the process has probably overpriced their market. Among them is the receiver Odell BeckhamJr

And while he seems to dispute the notion that he has indeed overpriced the market, he certainly believes he is being undervalued.

“I’m just so confused where the quote is from me that I said I want 20…..😭🙄 all I say is 4 is NOT enough,” Beckham tweeted.

Numerous reports showed that he was looking for $20 million a year. Obviously, this is not something Beckham ever said directly to the teams; his agents will be the ones to make the request.

Maybe they are looking for $20 million to get teams under $15 million. However, nothing seems to keep teams going above $4 million.

Beckham worked eight days ago for any interested teams. A dozen showed up. Since then, he has been communicating with the teams. And he clearly doesn’t like what he hears.

The $4 million offer definitely seems low, especially if it’s not paired with an incentive package that would allow Beckham to earn a lot more if he plays well. The main question remains whether he will sign a one-year contract, prove himself again and hope to get something much more than $4 million a year in 2024.


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