Waxahachee (TX), High Top247 cornerback and Ohio State team Calvin Simpson-Hunt was honored this weekend as part of the All-American Bowl Road to the Dome Series, where the future Buckeye was awarded his jersey to compete in the game.

“It was really cool,” Simpson-Hunt said as he opened the box and received the gear. “Very excited and very curious to see what was there. It’s a great experience.”

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The All-American Bowl has been the nation’s premier high school sporting event for 20 years and will return to San Antonio, Texas on January 7, 2023, where it will air live on national NBC. Over 20,000 fans flock to the Alamo Dome along with alumni of the game including Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Trevor Lawrence, Keenan Allen, Odell Beckham Jr.Stephan Diggs, Marchon Lattimore, Chase Young, Naji Harris, Mika Parsons, Patrick Petersonderrick Henry, Christian McCaffrey, Ezekiel Elliott as well as Quenton Nelson. Game legends include Adrian Peterson and Joe Thomas.

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“It means a lot,” Simpson-Hunt said. “It gives me a goal for the future to reach their level.”

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Simpson-Hunt added that he was looking forward to “being on the field with my team would (be) the most exciting part.”

Simpson Hunt has been in Ohio since June.

“The city is a real attraction and the fans are like nothing else,” he said.

Several of Simpson-Hunt’s future college mates would also play wide receiver in the All-American Bowl. Brandon Innissoffensive lineman Luke Montgomerysafety Malik Hartford and cornerback Kane Lee.