The State of Ohio recently filed a trademark application for a very commonly used word, although it is associated with a university. The school has successfully trademarked the word “THE”, which is commonly used to refer to the school as “Ohio State University”. According to trademark attorney Josh Gerbenregistration was completed on June 21 after filing back in August 2019. However, there were reasons why it took several years.

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On September 11, 2019, the USPTO rejected Ohio’s trademark application for the word “THE” for two reasons: The trademark was “simply decorative.” Gerben wrote on Twitter. “The clothing company Marc Jacobs applied for ‘THE’ a few months earlier. The State of Ohio responded by showing the USPTO that it does not use the trademark in a (simply) decorative manner and opposed Marc Jacobs’ trademark application for the word “THE”. Ohio State and Marc Jacobs have settled their dispute. Although the terms of the settlement were not disclosed, USPTO filings indicate that the State of Ohio and Marc Jacobs have agreed that they can BOTH own the registration of the word “THE.” After a settlement was reached with Marc Jacobs in August 2021, the State of Ohio continued until yesterday (June 21, 2022) to resolve the “merely decorative” issue with the USPTO and go through the rest of the application process. ”

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Now that Ohio State officially owns the trademark for one of college football’s biggest brands, 2022 could be the year of the national title challenge.

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defender CJ Stroudon the way back TreVion Henderson and receiver Jackson Smith-Njigba are back on offense, to name but a few of the stars.

All three could very well be the talk of the Heisman Trophy this fall.

“It all depends on how well he plays,” head coach Ryan said. Day talked about Stroud’s chances for Heisman. “At the same time last year, he didn’t issue a college pass. And then he continued to play very, very good football. Just because he did it last year doesn’t mean it will happen this year. Anyway, he has a target on his chest. He’ll have to bring it straight from the jump. There is a lot to do with this. A lot of it has to do with leadership and the guys around it. We need to be able to establish running and running football in order to have balance, especially to win big games. There is so much going on for him on social media and the media right now, just everything that comes to these guys. He needs to make sure – which he does a great job of, by the way – he keeps the main thing the main thing and focuses on the little things, while remaining disciplined. And knowing that he has to prove himself every week.”

Last season, Stroud finished with 4,435 yards, 44 touchdowns, six interceptions and a 71.9% completion percentage.

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Henderson, in his first season of college football in 2021, finished with 183 carries, 1,248 yards, 15 touchdowns and an average of 6.8 yards per carry, as well as 27 catches for 312 yards and four touchdowns. Smith-Njigba had 95 catches for 1,606 yards and nine touchdowns, averaging 16.9 yards per catch.