Ohio State quarterback Devin Brown to wear non-traditional number

Ohio The football team started spring training this week. All eyes will be on the upcoming quarterback battle between Kyle McCord and Devin Brown to see who replaces the departed CJ Stroud. It will be a big success as Stroud has set all sorts of records at OSU. And if Devin Brown wins this job, he’ll have a big jersey too.

Brown came to practice wearing a different outfit than his No. 15 last season. Instead, the Utah native will be number 33 this year. An odd choice for a quarterback. As a rule, guys in the center before their teens wear single-digit numbers. However, Brown wanted to honor the memory of a hero from the past… Slingin Sammy Bowe.

Baugh wore #45 while at TCU college and then switched to #33 pro with the Washington Redskins (now commanders). Baugh was the first quarterback to enter Canton in the 1963 Hall of Fame class.

At the end of the workout, Brown shared with reporters why he decided to make changes.

“The reason for this was Sammy Baugh. He was the first quarterback inducted into the (Pro Football) Hall of Fame in 1963 with the Washington F.C., so he’s a legend,” Baugh said. “In my opinion, this is the original number of the quarterback. I want to rock the original quarterback number.”

Brown went on to say that he remembers his father talking about Baugh in his youth. So he started wearing the number 33 and stayed with it even in high school.

Ryan Day said one of his criteria for starting quarterback is leadership. It seems that Brown likes to think outside the box and does it with confidence. Now we just have to see if such swagger can lead to field shoots.

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