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Oklahoma head coach Brent Venebales’ words don’t match actions

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It used to be a big problem when a player was going to play football under a certain program, but backed out of his commitment and chose a different school. However, that was a long time ago and the game has certainly changed, as if it happens several times a day.

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I won’t say that I like it, because I definitely don’t. I understand that a player can only be committed to a certain degree if they still choose to go through the recruiting process and go to other places, and as much as I love American football, this is definitely one of those things that never felt quite right. .

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New Oklahoma head coach and longtime Clemson Defensive coordinator Brent Venables met with the media on Friday and very convincingly explained what true commitment to college football looks like. Take a look at yourself below.

Again, I really like what Venables has to say. As an observer, it drives me a little crazy when a player agrees to a program, but at the same time visits other places, and I can’t imagine how crazy I would be if I were a coach when I was told one thing and then I saw my “perfect” prospect visiting elsewhere.

So you would think, while saying this, that Venables would certainly never consider prosecuting a player who made a verbal commitment to another program, right?

Except that Venables and Oklahoma are taking five-star safety just this weekend. Peyton Bowen on campus. Bowen went to Notre Dame on New Year’s Day morning, and since then, his recruiting rating has only gone up.

Look, I don’t like loyalists, but only kind of loyalists, Brent, but until you completely stop any harassment of any player that occurs anywhere other than Oklahoma, your word means nothing.

Congrats on the viral video.


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