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One thing we learned about each team in Week 11: Dak Prescott back for Cowboys; Eagles additions huge impact

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There was a lot of truth being circulated in the NFL in Week 11, which is fitting as Thanksgiving is around the corner and playoff races are heating up. The Kansas City Chiefs own the AFC West, and the Tennessee Titans control the AFC South to start by all but locking out playoff spots with their wins this week.

The Dallas Cowboys pulled off the biggest road win in franchise history, defeating the Minnesota Vikings, while the Philadelphia Eagles continued to control the NFC East and the conference with losses to the Minnesota and New York Giants. The San Francisco 49ers even led the NFC West with a big win over the Arizona Cardinals on Monday night.

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As the playoff picture begins to clear up, what did we learn about each team in Week 11? Here is one thing worth mentioning.

Arizona Cardinals

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The offense in the second half was typical of Cliff Kingsbury: The Cardinals’ offense has had intermittent spells throughout the season, usually in the first half. Arizona saved a bad stretch for the second half – with its backup quarterback in tow.

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In the second half, the Cardinals had 32 games for 129 yards, averaging 4.03 yards per game. They flipped the ball twice on downs and hit twice, with the last possession resulting in an interception as Colt McCoy was pulled.

Arizona had 22 games for 80 yards with McCoy’s four possessions (3.6 yards per game). The Cardinals didn’t score a single point, and the 49ers scored 21 points in three of their five possessions (not counting falls from their knees). Another defender, same story.

Atlanta Falcons

An injury to Kyle Pitts made the attack less effective: The Falcons haven’t used Pitts offensively much this year (or exploited his strengths), but his knee injury in the third quarter was devastating. Atlanta threw for just 25 yards after Pitts was injured, and Marcus Mariota hit 3 of 4 during the stretch.

Of course, Atlanta is a running team. Drake London only had three targets and Damier Bird only had two targets, so throwing the ball wasn’t part of the game plan anyway. Without Pitts on the field, it’s fair to wonder if the Falcons will throw the ball at least 15 times next week.

Baltimore Ravens

DeMarcus Robinson – WR1: Robinson was set for the offense, which rushed just 115 yards on Sunday, Baltimore’s second most of the season. He finished with nine catches for 128 yards on a day when no other wide receiver had more than two targets (James Prosh had no catches).

The only other Ravens wide receiver to catch a pass was Devin Duvernay (one catch for 3 yards). With Rashod Bateman out for a year, one of the Ravens wide receivers had to prove himself. Robinson was the top player with 16 catches for 204 yards in the last three weeks.

Baltimore needs more help as a wide receiver, but Robinson is the best player on this list and Bateman is missing.

Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen fails ground game: The good thing is that the Bills don’t have to rely on Allen to win the football game with their hand or feet. The Bills actually handled the ball with their running backs as Devin Singletary and James Cook’s running backs committee had 29 carries for 172 yards and a touchdown (5.9 yards per carry).

Allen only had three carries for 7 yards in the game, which is good. The scores adjusted Cook offensively well, as he had 11 carries for 86 yards (7.8 yards per carry), including a 29-yard long run to the end of the third quarter.

Buffalo is still trying to throw the ball, but it’s good to see the Bills can move to the ground game to score.

Carolina Panthers

Baker Mayfield cannot push the ball further down the field: A deep pass by the Panthers is impossible when Mayfield is playing the quarterback. Mayfield averaged just 5.9 yards per try in Sunday’s loss to the Ravens, below his 6.4 yards-per-year average (32nd out of 35 qualified quarterbacks).

Not only could Mayfield fail to complete a 20-yard pass before the second half, but his 34-yard pass to Marshall Jr.’s Terrace came 1:38 left in a 13-3 deficit. Mayfield completed 39.7% of his passes for 10-plus yards, only more than Carson Wentz, Zach Wilson and Kenny Pickett.

Maybe that’s why the Panthers choose PJ Walker. Their offense is not a threat in a passing game with Mayfield.

Chicago bears

They kick the ball too much: It’s hard to go against a formula that works, especially when Chicago has rushed for 225-plus yards in five straight games. The Bears have the best offense in football and had 160 yards on the ground Sunday but still run too much on the ball.

Chicago had Justin Fields carry the ball 18 times and David Montgomery 17 times in the absence of Khalil Herbert. That’s too much for a starting quarterback – no matter how dynamic Fields is on the ground – especially since he’s currently suffering from a shoulder injury. Chicago launched 41 times and averaged 3.9 yards per carry.

Yes, the Bears have a great offense. This off-season, they need to develop Fields and balance the passing offense.

Cincinnati Bengals

Trey Hendrickson is back: One of the best pass rushers in the NFL over the past two seasons, Hendrickson has had a slow start in 2022. However, over the past few weeks, the Bengals’ top pass rusher has picked up form.

Hendrickson has 3.5 sacks in his last four games, including seven quarterback hits, two defensive passes and 14 pressings. The Bengals’ winger was successful against tackle Dan Moore Jr., finishing with two sacks, four quarterback hits and seven pressures in Sunday’s victory over the Steelers.

Hendrickson has been an unsung hero in Cincinnati, winning three of his last four games. He returned to that Pro Bowl level.

Cleveland Browns

Nick Chubba was shut down for the first time this year: Chubb ran the game brilliantly throughout the season, but he only had 14 carries for 19 yards in Sunday’s loss to the Bills – averaging 1.9 yards per carry. The Bills defense deserves a lot of credit for shutting out Chubb, but it was interesting how the Browns offense worked without him.

Jacoby Brisset threw for 324 yards and three touchdowns, but the Browns were only 2-for-4 in the red because Chubb wasn’t a factor in situations he excels in. zone – and Chubb only had one carry for -6 yards (on a direct snap). Just an awkward day for one of the best runners in the game.

Dallas Cowboys

Duck Prescott looked like Duck Prescott again: Prescott’s struggles since his return have been slightly exaggerated, but his performance against the Packers hasn’t been praiseworthy. However, the Cowboys quarterback has completed 68.4% of his passes for 722 yards with six touchdowns and three interceptions (97.4 rating) since his return.

Prescott was at his best on Sunday, completing 22 of 25 passes for 276 yards with two touchdowns (139.3 rating) in a dominant 40-3 win over the Vikings. The Cowboys are averaging 35.3 points per game since Prescott returned to the lineup, with Prescott completing 72.4% of his passes for 998 yards with eight touchdowns and three interceptions (107.7 rating).

With Prescott playing at a high level and the defense playing the quarterback, the Cowboys are one of the best teams in the NFL.

Denver Broncos

The new play-caller failed to help the offense earn points: Another week the Broncos failed to score 20 points in a game – and this time Clint Kubiak led the game instead of Nathaniel Hackett. Denver scored a touchdown on the first drive and a field goal on the second drive. An 84-yard run on third possession resulted in a blocked field goal, and everything went downhill from there.

Denver scored just six points to go, with only 123 yards in his last seven possessions (3.3 yards per game). The Broncos defense failed to maintain a 10-0 lead, but the offense did nothing to increase it either.

There were a few moments that Kubiak liked, but the end result was about the same.

Detroit Lions

Jamal Williams is Barry Sanders?: Not exactly, but Williams accomplished a feat that only Sanders with the Lions has achieved. Williams had his fifth game with multiple rushing touchdowns in Sunday’s victory over the Giants, the only player to have so many rushing touchdown games in a season not named by Barry Sanders.

Williams has six games left to set the franchise record for most rushing touchdowns. He is also the first player since Sanders in 1991 to hit 12-plus rushing touchdowns in a season (Sanders had 16 that year to set a franchise record).

Williams, running back for the No. 1 Lions, has a legitimate chance to push the Sanders franchise. He has six games to get five rushing touchdowns.

Green Bay Packers

Breakdown coverage and diagrams did not help: Green Bay’s pass defense was very disappointing after losing to the Titans last Thursday as Tennessee had their best passing day of the year. Ryan Tannehill threw just five half passes, Trailon Burks caught two passes for 40 yards, Austin Hooper caught two touchdowns, and Derrick Henry (yes, that same Derrick Henry) threw a touchdown pass.

Green Bay was determined to stop the running game (and did), but the cover scheme forced the Packers to play deep, allowing the Titans to control the game through the air. For protection that should be secondary…


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