Top 100 Receivers Taysir Denmark did not look at Thursday’s commitment announcement as a Thanksgiving celebration, but rather as something more personal.

The Philadelphia Roman Catholic graduate of 2024 wanted to do something special for his mom, who was celebrating her birthday.

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So the 5ft 11in, 180lb Danish put out the top three of Oregon, Penn State and Ohio earlier in the week, and also called during a family holiday.

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“I’m going to Oregon,” Denmark said. “There is only family. They call my mom and she doesn’t even like football. She just likes to watch me play.”

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Denmark is ranked 14th among hosts and 87th in the 247Sports Composite.

There have been discussions over the past two weeks about whether Denmark will reject his decision after he visited Penn State for a game a few weeks ago, and the state of Ohio has also been pushing him.

However, the opportunity to make this day special for his mom was the key reason he settled on school.

“It means everything to me,” he said. “She has been helping me through this process for as long as I can remember, ever since we started at the age of four. It means everything to me. I feel like it’s the only thing I owe her.”

In the spring, the Ducks suggested Denmark, and in the summer he visited the campus to meet with the coaches, interact with the players, and get to know the campus.

As he left, he spoke of his comfort with Oregon. And a month later, this feeling did not leave.

“Never being there, they made me feel like I was there for the first time, like I had been there for a month,” he said. “It felt like I had been there forever, as if I had known these people all my life.

“That’s how they treated me.

They don’t treat you like you’re just around. They treat you like you were there.”

Denmark regularly watches the Pac-12 and Oregon and sees some of the best receivers in the league and wants to be part of the line.

“I like everything about him,” he said. “They have had Drake London. Mario Williams as well as Jordan Addison are in the USC. Lots of great guys.”

When Denmark visited him at the end of July, he made it clear that the Ducks were an important player to him.

“Growing up, this was my dream school, so seeing it in person was amazing,” he said. “I like the scheme. I think I would have been the best guy for them pretty early on.”

He is the third student in the Oregon Class of 2024. He joins Medford (OR), North Medford, four-star tight end AJ Pugliano and Vancouver (Washington), four-star offensive gear Evergeen. Fox Krader.