ATLANTA – On Tuesday, the Overtime Elite Arena in Atlanta hosted members of the media, about 70 NBA scouts and executives, agents and others who managed their three Overtime Elite teams during their professional day. The day consisted of various skill-building exercises and five-on-five activities. Coaches and trainers pushed the athletes along the way and the whole event was incredibly well organised.

OTE is unique in that they now have players who have pro contracts and those who receive scholarships that keep them eligible for college all play together and are mixed between teams. Both myself and our National Director of Scouting, Adam Finkelstein, were present, and while he was busy preparing for the NBA Draft, I paid close attention to college-eligible players.

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Of eligible college players, mighty sophomore forward Bryson Tiller is the highest ranked prospect in the OTE and more than matches his 4th overall ranking by 247Sports in the class of 2025. In addition to the predicted lottery elections of 2023. Amen Thompson as well as Auzar ThompsonI felt that Tiller presented himself and performed the best in the building.

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During his first season, as well as last spring and summer, Tiller impressed with his overall skill and sense of the game. He again shone in these areas. He quickly absorbed instructions during training, landed punches from all angles, showed excellent footwork in the standing position, and appears to have become significantly stronger since July. Tiller is not a super athlete, but his skill and sense outweigh any possible misgivings. Several NBA scouts have asked me who Tiller is and where he ranks in his class, and by all accounts it “makes sense” to be told that he is currently in the top five.

Scholarship offers have been reported from universities such as Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Georgie Institute of Technology, Houston, Indiana, Missouri, Ole Miss, Stanford, and others, but Tiller declined to discuss any specific programs.


Tyler Bay, SF- It was quite a calm day for the senior wing. He showed some flair and range during practice, but was not particularly noticeable in the five-on-five game.

So Carlyle, SG- With one of his future assistant coaches at Stanford, Carlisle looked very impressive throwing the ball during skill and practice. He also had a few moments where his ability to stretch the defense stood out during four-on-four and five-on-five moves. There were also times when he got too caught up in trying to win a one-on-one battle where he wasn’t at his best. He has some ball handling skills, but looks more comfortable off the ball as a scorer than on a kickstand.

ZZ ClarkPG – Recently fired from Illinois, Clark is currently ranked among the top 150 players in the class of 2024. He already has the physique of a guy who has been in college for a year or two, played confidently and looked more than ready. compete with older guys.

Naas Cunningham, SF is the No. 2 player in the class of 2024, opinions on Cunningham were divided when I polled the room. Personally, I felt it was a pretty good day for him. He showed some ability and a willingness to move his feet defensively that I hadn’t seen before, made some good passes as a passer and threw the ball quite well. He definitely stood out in his group during shooting practice. Most recently, Cunningham made an unofficial visit to Missouri and just a week ago discussed the latest news about his recruitment with our Dashon in London.

Somto Kirill, C- With the exception of Tiller, I think Cyril had the best day of all the guys going to college. A true physical force, Cyril gave his all during training and played with serious physical strength when the bouts were over. He dunks everything with serious force, bounces and runs across the floor. As his touches and catches become more frequent, there is room for growth in offense.

So Ellis, PG- I saw Ellis play for the first time on Tuesday, so I had no idea what to expect. He was mostly turned off from deep during shooting exercises, and his effort was one that I appreciated. During the fight, he competed hard, but he never had the opportunity to show what he was capable of. He is just a graduate of 2025, so you will have plenty of time to watch him in the future.

Jacky Howard, SF is a four-star prospect who ranks 93rd overall in the class of 2024, Howard has clear and obvious athletic ability. He is a skywalker who runs very well on the court, and I really liked his energy and communication with coaches and teammates during training. His shooting seems to be improving a bit, but he still has a lot of work to do. If he can bring these areas in line with his athleticism, then he can strengthen his position in the rankings after falling in the last update. He currently plans to pick November 20 from a list that includes Arkansas, Auburn, Florida State, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Kansas, Kentucky, and Texas.

Jaden Williams, C- Williams is currently 31st overall in the class of 2024 and has had a good day overall. He’s still a little skinny, so some of the physiques of the other big players – especially those in the class ahead of him – were causing him trouble when working in the paint. He throws dunks fast on the ring, runs on the floor and works well on glass, but he has a lot of room to expand his versatile game while he works on adding strength to control the space inside.

***Tremayne Parker The top 150 senior defensemen did not play due to injury.