Owners discussed Daniel Snyder’s status during committee meetings in Florida

The NFL continues to move closer to being able to officially consider whether Daniel Snyder will still own the Commanders.

Washington Post reports that the owners, who attended this week’s committee meetings in Florida, discussed the possible sale of Commanders and “other matters” relating to Snyder. According to the report, “no decisions” have been made on the possibility of holding a vote to remove Snyder from ownership.

Not all owners were present at committee meetings.

According to Mailsome owners are “still hoping” that Snyder will agree to sell the team without the need for a formal vote to force him out.

All owners will meet in Arizona later this month at the annual NFL meetings.

Adding to the general embarrassment is the fact that Snyder continues to be absent from league meetings. His wife, Tanya, has represented the team at every ownership meeting since July 2021, when the NFL placed vague, vague, and (apparently) loosely enforced restrictions on Daniel Snyder’s ownership activities.


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