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Packers’ Aaron Rodgers wishes he had more time in London ahead of Giants game

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If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Aaron Rogers in recent years, it’s that he’s a curious, if not cultured man.

Despite Packers coach Matt LaFleur speaking to reporters about the difficulties of preparing for an international game, Rodgers believes it would be nice if he and his teammates were able to see the sights of the United Kingdom when the Packers make their franchise’s first road trip. to London for the regular season game this weekend.

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“Look, coaches are people of habit even more than players,” Rodgers said on Wednesday. via ESPN. “Every time there are minor adjustments to the schedule, they all get thrown out of whack. So I wouldn’t go into it too much.

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“We are all excited. I think the reason I said I wanted to come early was just to get to know the culture a bit, to be able to go out and see some of the sights, chat with the fans and… shoot, go to the pub and have a drink Guinness or other local beer. It’s something we all want to do, those of us who want to leave early.”

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Coaches can naturally be control freaks and, as Rogers said, people of habit. Routine is the concrete of their foundation, and they certainly don’t want cracks to appear.

Unsurprisingly, LaFleur looked despondent at the thought of traveling the world for a meaningful game.

“I’m not going to give you my honest answer,” Lafleur said. “I would prefer to abstain. For us as coaches, it’s like Thursday night only in terms of all the preparation you have to do. But you just do it, so that’s what it is.”

NFL teams are accustomed to traveling significant distances to play in a league spanning the entire United States. But the routine of road games can feel a little different when a day or two is added to a journey that usually goes like this: boarding a plane, landing in a destination city, bus to a hotel, finding a place to eat, sleeping, bus home . stadium, game, bus to the airport, flight home.

As you can see, Rogers doesn’t have much time to go to the pub and sympathize with the locals.

“Right now, just the way we do it with our schedule, [we’re] trying to make it as normal as possible,” said wide receiver Randall Cobb. “Obviously we’ll be traveling tomorrow, which is a little different, but I’m just trying to imagine we’ll be going to the West Coast and an extra day on the West Coast. We’ll see what it entails on the other side, but as far as preparing here, we’re preparing in the same way to find a way to win the football match.”

The 32nd NFL game played in London will feature the last team to go overseas, and could also see the Packers become the most winning team in NFL history. Of course, that’s not all: the game between the Green Bay and the New York Giants is only the second international game in which both teams participate with a combined record above .500.

It’s only week 5, but it’s not a one-time game. LaFleur knows this, and is understandably more concerned with beating New York than sightseeing.

If LaFleur is struggling to sleep, desperately trying to tick off every item on his prep list, he should take some comfort in this fact: Rogers is the first reigning MVP to play in the game in London. A streak once reserved for smaller teams in the NFL is now a showcase, and LaFleur has a quarterback fit for the international arena.

This quarterback will have to see as many sights as possible from the team bus. If he wins, he will have permission to grin and take as many photos as he likes, all the way from Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to the airport. There is always an off season to take a vacation.


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