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Paolo Banchero, Magic react to Jonathan Isaac’s long-awaited return

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ORLANDO, Florida. Jonathan Isaac has only played with three players at the moment. Orlando Magic roster, but that all changed on Monday when the sixth-year forward made his long-awaited comeback.

Isaac entered the NBA court with the Magic for the first time since he suffered an ACL tear in his left knee on August 2, 2020. seasonal game.

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Finally, in the 7th minute of the first quarter, Isaac registered.

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He quickly got to work, scoring 38 seconds later with a roundhouse jump to score his first points of the game. In total, Isaac had 10 points, three rebounds, two steals and one assist in 9 minutes and 36 seconds in the 113-98 win. Boston Celtics.

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Isaac was glad to finally be back on the court.

It’s been such a long journey, thinking about everything it took to get here. Good days, bad days, ups and downs. All the people who brought me back are coaches, our coaches, my family, my church family, and my faith. Obviously the adrenaline and everything that’s going on and I’m just trying my best to stay grounded. Lots of love for Magic for sticking with me, and the Magic fans were thrilled, so (I) just tried to fit it all into one moment. It was surreal.

The former sixth pick had a strong minute limit to enter the contest. Magic coach Jamal Mosley estimated that Isaac would play for about 8-10 minutes and would follow him throughout the game. He played two halves, each about halfway through the first and third quarters.

To prepare, Isaac played three games for the Lakeland Magic in the G-League. He averaged 15.7 points, 6.7 rebounds, two assists and two blocks in 17.7 minutes per game. The team increased his playing time with each game, and Isaac played 22 minutes in his last game on Saturday.

While in Lakeland, Mosley said he helped Isaac on Monday.

I think he did a great job playing with the balance level. I think it was important to get that time in the G League. Of course, there was a sea of ​​emotions, and rightly so. I thought he was great in the way he carried himself and defensively, his ability to hit the ball. Then, on offense, just taking your time and not trying to rush many things.

Although Isaac did not play with most of the squad, the 25-year-old was close to the entire team off the court. They have a close bond, and it starts with Isaac, who is the second longest-serving player on the team.

Isaac often cheers everyone up with text messages or other positive messages. These moments had an indelible impact on the team.

“Since I was drafted, Jonathan was one of the first people to text me on my phone after I was drafted here. Paolo Banquero said. “He was a huge leader in the dressing room for everyone, a positive voice – sending messages to the group chat all season. Just all the little things he does as a teammate. To see him on the court after so much time had passed, to get the love of the fans, to be able to get a couple of buckets and intercept the ball and play the game was amazing.”

Cole Anthony said:

Being away for so long can definitely be frustrating, and I know he probably felt like he could have come back sooner. He was just very supportive of the team as a whole. He watches all our games, beats us when we play well. He hit me a few times when I wasn’t playing well, just to cheer me up. Overall, he’s just a great dressing room guy and a pleasure to work with as a teammate.

Magic players and coaching staff have worn specially designed shirts with #1 Isaac on them. He was also greeted in the dressing room after the game with a water shower and arrived at the post-match press conference soaked.

This is a night that Isaac will probably not forget for a long time.

“I believe my teammates respect me for how I tried my best to come out of those two years away,” Isaac said. “They are happy for me and I appreciate that. I was the same when someone else came back who was injured, I tried my best to be very happy for them and participate in everything that happens. When everything comes full circle and they do it for me, it’s fantastic.”


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The story originally appeared on the Rookie Wire channel.


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