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‘Patience’ on Kyler Murray’s contract likely costing Cardinals extra

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Fans of the Arizona Cardinals and, in general, the rest of the NFL are waiting for the announcement that the team has agreed to a big contract extension with quarterback Kyler Murray, making him the highest paid player in franchise history and one of the highest paid quarterbacks. in the NFL.

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Murray’s agent wanted the deal to go through early in the offseason. He made a long public statement via social media, he gave the Cardinals a contract offer that would give Murray a deal that would fit the quarterback market then and lower his cap hit this year and next.

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While the details of the deal were never made public, rumors circulated that it averaged around $40 million a year.

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The team made it clear that now is not the right time. They will consider a deal in the summer after free agency and the draft.

After all, no other fourth-year extension quarterback received a new contract until July.

Now, with other quarterback deals in the offseason, the price has gone up.

An extension is pending prior to boot camp and any deal is expected to be in the range of $45 million a year.

Basically, since Steve Keim didn’t want to speed up the renewal and not set a new precedent for other quarterbacks in the future, the Cardinals would have to pay Murray another $20-30 million over the life of the deal. In terms of the maximum number of places, this could mean an additional player or one more quality player in the roster per year.

Patience, or rather stubbornness, might have prevented them from becoming the new trendsetter for young quarterbacks, but it will cost them more in the long run.


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