Patrick Kane disappointed Rangers traded for Tarasenko: ‘That was a team I was definitely looking at’

As humble as Patrick Kane was about the trade from the Chicago Blackhawks, it looks like he was okay with the move to the New York Rangers. Otherwise, why would he admit that he is unhappy that the Rangers were traded for Vladimir Tarasenko?

“This is not the nicest thing I’ve ever heard about a deal,” Kane said. according to Charlie Rumeliotis of NBC Chicago. “I think the Rangers are a team that you definitely have your eye on and are definitely intrigued by for obvious reasons…

“If anything had to happen, that was the team that I definitely looked up to. It seems like they kind of filled their void and went ahead and made a deal. So that’s what it is.”

Kane downplays injury and remains vague about possible trade points

Kane added some interesting details when he met with the media on Friday, aside from some disappointment over the possible loss of the Rangers as a potential trade point:

  • Kane told reporters that rumors of a hip injury were “exaggerated”. Of course, some of this talk may come up simply because Kane’s numbers have fallen in 2022-23 (even if you don’t look at his defensive numbers, which have been risky for a while).

  • Whatever it takes AthleticMark Laserus reports that Kane “bristled” at the thought that he would agree to a trade of as many as six teams.

  • Kane said a “clearer picture” could emerge in the next 10 days. The trade deadline is no earlier than March 3rd, so the Blackhawks have a decent amount of time to try and make things work.

Clauses, contract and other things to know about the Kane deal

With a no move clause, Kane has every chance of killing the deal… at least from the Blackhawks’ point of view.

The Rangers trade Tarasenko, a reminder that Kane still needs the Blackhawks to find takers. As such, there are a number of hurdles that could derail any potential Kane trade – whether he agrees to move to just one or two teams, or whether he agrees to a trade to any playoff team.

Kane is 34 years old and currently has a $10.5 million cap. Payroll can eat up big chunks of that AAV, especially if a third team is brought in to keep some more. But it’s still a significant number to consider, especially given that most applicants are limited in scope.

Patrick Kane is one of the biggest names in the market ahead of the NHL trade deadline.  (Photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Patrick Kane is one of the biggest names in the market ahead of the NHL trade deadline. (Photo by Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Also: Contenders may want to be careful when weighing memories of Kane’s best moments versus who he really is in the 2022-23 season. If he wasn’t such a big name, would his passing skills and offensive ability make up for his defensive problems – at least enough to give up picks and/or prospects for a simple loan?

None of this guarantees that the candidate will not benefit from the addition of Kane. It’s just a reminder that it might not be that easy, especially if he’s picky about where he lands.

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