Patrick Mahomes: Tom Brady with seven rings is far ahead, I’ll do my best to chase him

Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the greatest player in the NFL right now, but he knows he has a long way to go to become the greatest player of all time.

When asked if you ever had a resume that matches Tom BradyMahomes said he knows it’s still many years away and he should focus on earning his second ring, not Brady’s seventh ring.

“It will be hard. I mean, seven Super Bowl wins, 10 Super Bowls, there’s a reason he’s so far ahead of everyone else. It’s hard to do, but I will do my best to pursue it, but I will do my best to pursue it. I have to start by trying to win this tournament this week,” Mahomes said.

Mahomes also said “Ask me when I’m 38” when asked if he could catch Brady. The reality is that it will be extremely difficult for anyone who catches Brady, and even if Mahomes gets his second ring on Sunday at the age of 27, he is still behind Brady, who got his third ring at the age of 27. Mahomes knows he has a long life. the way to go is to catch Brady.


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