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PBT Podcast: Ben Simmons, Ja Morant and punk music for the Grizzlies NBA suspends Lakers’ Patrick Beverley three games for dropping Ayton from behind LeBron James reportedly to return from groin strain Friday at Spurs Three things to know: In very tight West, will any team go all in to win? Watch Zion Williamson score season-high 32 as Pelicans beat Spurs

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Ben Simmons handled his return to Philadelphia as well as could be hoped for, but his Nets team lost a game to a very small 76ers team – what does that say about the Brooklyn Nets? How upset am I Kevin Duran?

Then there is I am Morantwho missed just one game with a 1st-degree ankle sprain and returned 34 points behind the Kings – should we be concerned about his long-term health?

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Corey Robinson of NBC joins me to discuss all of this, plus Corey chooses punk music to describe the Grizzlies. Then we’ll discuss the Cleveland Cavaliers and whether they’re real. What about the Sacramento Kings? What will each of us be watching on Thanksgiving?

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“I’ve got a man on the ground, two people looking around, robbing and puffing out their chests and the referees don’t step in to sort of separate him, control the game, so I’m going to stand up for my teammate. ”

Patrick Beverly didn’t back down after the Lakers’ loss to the Suns, and the NBA hit him hard, suspending Beverley three games without pay. From the official release:

Los Angeles Lakers defenseman Patrick Beverley has been suspended for three games without pay for pushing a Phoenix Suns center. Deandre Ayton from behind and knocking him off the court, Joe Dumars, executive vice president, head of basketball operations, said today. The suspension was based in part on Beverley’s history of unsportsmanlike activities.

This history of unsportsmanlike action includes Beverly being suspended after a push. Chris Paul at the end of Game 6 of the Western Conference playoffs last season. He was disqualified or penalized eight times for unsportsmanlike conduct.

In this play Devin Booker committed a flagrant foul Austin Reeves in the face, blocking his shot. Ayton, buoyed by a couple of previous plays, stood over Reeves, and Beverly took matters into his own hands with one cheap punch.

Beverley was kicked out at the time, but the Lakers backed Beverley after the game because they felt he was covering for them.

The suspension will cost Beverly $268,966 in salary. according to Bobby Marks of ESPN.

Two of those games will be against the Spurs, but with LeBron James returned to the Lakers (he missed the last five games due to a groin injury). Game 3 is next Monday in Los Angeles against the Pacers.

LeBron James missed five games with a groin strain, but the Lakers are staying above the water – 3-2 – thanks to Anthony Davis playing your best basketball of the season.

But LeBron will be back on Friday when the Lakers visit the Spurs in San Antonio, according to TNT’s Chris Haynes.

It’s a good, soft spot for LeBron, the Spurs are down 10 of 11. It’s a game the Lakers should win without heavy minutes from LeBron, who is averaging 24.9 points, 8.8 rebounds and 6. 9 assists per game.

this is unlikely Patrick Beverly play in a game for the Lakers. While nothing is official from the league, Beverley is expected to be suspended for at least one game for a cheap backstab. Deandre Ayton. (Why did Ayton stand over Austin Reeves when Devin Booker blocking Reeves’ shot is a different matter, but you still can’t shoot him from behind.)

Davis is showing his best basketball of the season with 30+ points and 15+ rebounds in four games in a row, plus he was strong defensively. This is the Davis that coaches Darwin Ham counted.

Three Things is NBC’s five-day coverage of last night in the NBA. Verify Every weekday morning for what you missed the night before, plus the gossip, drama, and dunks that make the NBA a must-watch.

1) In a very tight West, will any team go all-in to win?

Talking to someone from the Clippers less than a couple of hours before Kawhi Leonardwhen they returned to the game, they casually said that one of the reasons they felt comfortable being patient was because no one had run away with West.

They are right. With nearly 20 games into the season on Thanksgiving, just three games separate the top-seeded Suns and the 11-seeded Warriors out of the game.

This is not the case in the East, where Boston and Milwaukee clearly looked like the top two teams, and there is already a six-game gap between the Celtics and the 11-seeded Bulls. In the East, the bar has already been set (both the Bucks and the Celtics are still without key players due to injuries).

In the West, no team has run away with nothing — five other teams are in the same game as the best Suns. Or look at it this way: the Suns are two games away from falling from first place to the play-ins. With so few games played, who played on the team matters, and the strength of the schedule plays a big role, with the Kings, Clippers, and Suns among the seven easiest schedules in the league. It will be more difficult for them.

Which leads to this question asked Vincent Goodwill on the brother from another on the peacock Wednesday:

Can any team make a bold trade and become a team that can be beaten in the West?

Deals are rumored, but they don’t necessarily change the conference. Rumor has it that Jazz is showing interest in John Collins. The Suns are keeping an eye on Bojan Bogdanovic in Detroit among other players (and they’re sending out Jay Crowder in a deal at some point, …


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