The Penn State Nittany Lions might have a long term answer at quarterback, even if it results in a few different signal callers. Sean Clifford enters the 2022 season as the starter once again but there’s a crop behind him that could lead Penn State to future success. 247Sports National Analyst Brian Dohn broke down the Penn State quarterback depth behind Clifford, who returned for one final year, on the 247Sports Football Recruiting Podcast.

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“I think if you go back maybe two years – it was kind of a wash, when you were dealing with the COVID season,” Dohn said. “Because even though, give them credit, they played all of their games … you don’t know how it was impacting the daily stuff and who was there for game preparations and that stuff. And I think it’s a great way to get into what they’re doing this year, is look at what happened last season – they were rolling. They’re at Iowa, playing really well. You’re thinking, ‘Boy, this team, if they keep going like this, they could be in the playoff picture.’ Sean Clifford gets hurt. They have to bring in Ta’Quan Roberson as the backup. It does not go well at all. And then kind of they’re trying to get Clifford on the field with injuries and he’s not performing like you need. They don’t have that great backup that they can really go to because Will Lewis had left the year before and went to Kentucky. Roberson has now transferred to UConn.

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“And so, how does that all relate to the class now? Well, we now that Sean Clifford’s there. We know Drew Allar – the top quarterback from the ’22 class, signed with Penn State – is at Penn State. And then they turn around and they go land Marcus Stokes out of Florida, who just so happens to be our no. 10 quarterback in the country in the ’23 class. And I think it’s significant on a lot of levels – obviously, if he’s ranked that high, he’s really good.

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“… When you look at, whether it’s Georgia, Clemson or Ohio State, they always had that next quarterback in case somebody got hurt, a high-level kid. And I think, for the first time this year, you have Clifford with Drew Allar, who’s a freshman but really talented. And then when Clifford leaves, you’ll have Drew Allar and then you’ll have Marcus Stokes with him there. And you have two really high-talented kids. And I don’t mean to slight Christian Veilleux, who’s at Penn State and all that. But when you look at college football, it’s really important to have that kind of depth in that room on somebody that you can really rely on if the starter’s out for a game or two.”

Clifford finished last season with 3,107 yards, 21 touchdowns, eight interceptions and a 61% completion percentage. In his career, Clifford has 7,839 yards, 62 touchdowns, 24 interceptions and a 60.4% completion percentage.

Veilleux had buzz when he arrived on campus, but it seems like Allar might have more potential down the road as the starting quarterback.

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As a member of the Class of 2022, Allar was a five-star prospect out of Medina (Ohi.) Medina HS according to the 247Sports Composite. He was the no. 3 overall prospect in Ohio, the No. 4 quarterback prospect in the class and the no. 32 overall prospect in the class.