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Penn State Nittany Lions Preview 2022: Season Prediction, Breakdown, Key Games, Players

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Penn State Nittany Lions Preview 2022: Preview, Predict and Prepare for the Penn State Season with What You Need to Know and Season Keys.

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Penn State Nittany Lions Preview
Head Coach: James Franklin, 67-34, 8th year at the University of Pennsylvania.
General 12th year, 91-49, Preview 2021
2021 Record: Overall: 7-6, Conference: 4-5
Offense, Defense Break | Keys to the season
Season prediction what will happen
Top 10 Pennsylvania State Players | Schedule and analysis

Penn State Nittany Lions Preview 2022

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How is Penn State getting back on track?

This is a program with 42 wins, a Big Ten championship, a Rose Bowl appearance, and Fiesta and Sugar Bowl victories from 2016 to 2019 led by James Franklin.

He knows success, he knows how to have great seasons even when Ohio State is great, and while he doesn’t currently live in a high-rent neighborhood at the national championship, he’s not that far from college football’s playoff world, if that’s all. starts to break properly.

Here’s a look at it from the perspective of Penn State Is Half Empty.

The program is 11-11 in its last 22 games, doesn’t have an O line or running game to be Michigan this year, and is coming off a rough 2-6 finish late last year.

Penn State is half full…

Yes, he had a historically poor start to 2020, but he continued to struggle and won his last four games, won the first five games of 2021, and although you are who your track record says, the 2-6 finishing blow was unfortunate . t what Badly.

Okay, it was so bad, but all six of those losses were fights, and the Pennsylvania team with a better game, a stronger offensive line, and a more consistent hit from the pass attack would have won a couple of them.

But enough excuses.

Franklin and Penn State can recruit, this team has enough talent to win any game considering Ohio and Michigan states should come to Happy Valley and all it takes is a few rolls to go from 7-6 mediocre to 10-3 strong.

How is Penn State getting back on track? He starts winning again no matter who he plays with.

Offense, Defense Break | Keys to the season
Season prediction what will happen
Top 10 Pennsylvania State Players | Schedule and analysis

Penn State Nittany Lions Preview 2022: Offense, Defense NEXT

Penn State Nittany Lions Preview 2022: Assault

Crime didn’t give enough. It was a mediocre overall tally, averaging 376 yards and only 25 points per game, struggling to hit hard passes in the bottom field—even with Jahan Dotson stretching the field—and barely getting anything on the floor.

This is Penn State so there’s a lot of talent to work with and before getting into too much of a turn, there were plenty of chances to get through in close games against good teams. It won’t be a powerful attack. Though it might be better if…

The offensive line must be stronger. There’s size and decent depth thanks to the transfer portal – Cornell’s Hunter Noorzad and JUCO’s JB Nelson work at fullback – but there are only two starting players left.

Juice Scruggs will work at center, Cayden Wallace will come back on the right tackle, and then almost everywhere there will be a fight for the line, which was battling for 118th in the nation’s best games and terribly allowed the defense to enter the field. backfield.

Second lead rusher and former star rookie Noah Kane is gone to LSU, but Keivon Lee is the top man, superstar rookie Nick Singleton will stand a good chance of some work, and there’s good rotation depth if the line can pave the way.

Sean Clifford is back as quarterback after throwing for over 3,100 yards and 21 touchdowns with eight picks. He is good, but with his experience and fifth year in the program, he needs to improve his offense and team.

There will be no fight for the gig, but the No. 2 battle will be an interesting one between last year’s stunt double Christian Veye and rookie Drew Allar.

Jahan Dotson was a top receiver with 91 catches and 12 touchdowns, but now he’s in command of Washington.

Parker Washington and Keandre Lambert-Smith hit a great 1-2 hit – they’ll do more to fill the Dotson void – and comes the transfer of Mitchell Tinsley, the 87-lane, 14-touchdown playmaker from WKU’s wide-open attack.

Brenton Strange and Theo Johnson are two good passes capable of catching tight ends – they will make at least 40 tackles in total.

To learn more about Penn State football, visit NittanyLionsWire.

Penn State Nittany Lions Preview 2022: Defense

The defense lost a lot of yards, but not many points. It wasn’t great against decent running teams, but the pass defense was good and of course the idea is not to score.

D has only allowed over 24 points twice – once in a 33-24 loss to Ohio State and the other time in a 30-27 loss to Michigan State – there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Yes, the defense could have been a little better, but the offense had to score 24 points every week.

When the defense allowed 20 or fewer points, Penn State was 7-1. Other games have been 0-5, and again, it’s not like he’s been set on fire. However …

More pass rush would be a plus. The Nittany Lions won 9.5 sacks from Arnold Abiketi, but he lost, and the second-highest scorer scored only three, for a team total of only 27.

The general excitement on the line is related to newcomers. Dani Dennis-Sutton is one of the best recruits in the nation’s defense, Zane Durant is ready to throw himself on the tackle to get past what should be a strong front four.

The tackle is defined with PJ Mustipher and Coziah Izzard, a good tandem of veterans, but the ends will be under development.

It won’t be a problem, but it will take an autumn camp to figure it out. Nick Tarberton is a good veteran, but the transfer of Demayon Robinson from Maryland along with Dennis-Sutton will make it interesting.

The linebacker corps loses leading players in the capture of Ellis Brooks and Brandon Smith. and now Curtis Jacobs should be the star of the group after making 61 tackles with three sacks. There will be battles elsewhere, but that’s not too bad – the Nittany Lions have options.

A minor player has a star in next-level corner Joey Porter, and J’Ayir Brown is the team’s top returning player with 74 stops. Throw in Kalen King on the other side of Porter along with a lot of good recruits and this group will be stronger. Obviously, it would be even better if there were more pass rushes.

Penn State 2022 Preview | Keys to the season
Season prediction what will happen
Top 10 Pennsylvania State Players | Schedule and analysis

Penn State Nittany Lions: Season Keys, Best Game, Best Transfer, Fun Stats

Penn State Nittany Lions: Season Keys, Best Game, Best Transfer, Fun Stats

Penn State Nittany Lions: Key to 2022 Offensive

Start running better with the ball.

This is Penn State. It’s Saquon Barkley, Miles Sanders, and these are just the latest stellar talents for a program known for phenomenal spins for decades.

Penn State shouldn’t average 3.2 yards per carry.

There is a decent commitment to ground attack, but it’s just not effective. The running game has failed to reach four yards per carry in either of the past two years, averaging 4.8 yards per carry in 2019, and averaging over five yards per carry in 2020.

You need to go back to 2014, when the game was worse than last year and started from the offensive front. The backs are fine and now you need to push.

Last year, offense only hit 145 yards three times. the team won all three games.

Penn State Nittany Lions: Key to 2022 Defense

Pass rush should do more.

You need to go back to 2014, when the last time the game ran was as bad as the 2021 version. You have to go back to 2010, when the last pass rush was as mediocre as last year’s version.

2.08 sacks per game was easy, but it had more to do with a lack of consistency.

There were times when it shook. Ironically, four sacks against Illinois turned out to be a loss, and five sacks against Arkansas also turned out to be a loss. This should come from multiple points, but Nittany Lion’s defense should be good enough to generate at least three per game.

Penn State Nittany Lions Key Player of the 2022 Season

PC Jake Pinegar Sr.
Will he be able to return to his original form?

Pinegar scored 16 of 24 field goals as a freshman, scored 11 of 12 goals in 2019 and scored well 9 of 13 as a junior.

Jordan Stout came into power last year and shot 16 of 23 field goals, but he missed a 40-yarder in a 20-18 loss to Illinois and missed a 27-yarder in a 30-27 loss to Illinois. State of Michigan.

Penn State will win their fair share of games without needing a field goal, but the difference between a good 7-8 win and a great 9-10 win can come down to a few hits for a team that has played four games. four points or less last year.

Penn State Nittany Lions Key Handover

WR Mitchell Tinsley Sr.
The Nittany Lions may not have another Jahan Dotson, but they have some great targets for a terrific passing attack.

Helping the cause is Tinsley, a 6-1, 203-pound bottom threat who made 43 catches in his first season in the WKU and blew up last year with 87 catches for over 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns.

He doesn’t have to be the #1 target and will be devastating in this offense as a 2 or 3.

Penn State’s key game for the 2022 season

in Purdue, September 3
This is a problem when you lose the bowl game – you have to wait a long time sitting on the losing end.

Penn State ended last season with a loss to Arkansas and a 2-5 record in their last seven games after a promising 5-0 start.

You have to start with a win.

A start at Purdue isn’t a game-changer before the season starts, but the Nittany Lions have yet to…


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