PFL World Championship 2022 video: Dakota Ditcheva demolishes Katherine Corogenes with first-round knockout


Dakota Dicheva got another nasty knockout in her second PFL cage appearance by defeating Katherine Korogenes in the first round.

Known as a Muay Thai specialist, Dicheva showed off all her punches on Friday night when she landed a vicious center knee and then a right hand that ended Korogenes’ night viciously.

The final came at 4:20 of the first round after Dicheva scored a similar knockout on her PFL debut in August.

“It’s nice,” Dicheva said of her win. “Let me tell you one thing: this hype train doesn’t stop for anyone. I woke up this morning and every single day I will choose violence.”

Knowing that Dicheva had a striking advantage, Korogenes tried to close the distance to start the fight, but this only put her in even more danger when she got into a clinch against the cage.

While the fighters fought for position, Dicheva grabbed her neck and lowered Korogenes’s head, while consistently raising her knees in the middle. The second shot hit the target, leaving Korogen dazed and confused.

From there, Dicheva rushed forward and released her right hand, which struck Korogenes in the jaw and hurled her onto the canvas in a heap. Another punch followed, but the fight was already over as Dicheva celebrated her sixth career knockout in seven fights.

Now 7-0 in his career, Dicheva will continue to make an impact by returning to the PFL in 2023 as part of the upcoming series in Europe.