Players you can trust in the second half of the season

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Matt Harmon and Marvin Elekin suggest several players that managers should consider in the second half of the season.

Video transcript

Matt Harmon: Okay, let’s welcome a guest to the show, a family member indeed. Marvin Elequin did a great job on the website, breaking down the use of fantasy in his column every week. It just appeared on the Sportzshala Fantasy Football Forecast.

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He absolutely smashed it on the previous show this week, Marvin. Let’s talk about some guys that people might have questions about, but we think there are guys who can be trusted in the second half of the season. Let’s start with Ramondre Stevenson. Dude, he’s been on a rocket ship lately.

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MARVIN ELEKVIN: Yes, absolutely. Ramondre Stevenson is someone I really like, especially in this match. Starting in Week 2, when he got a slight spike in this perspective on opportunity and instantaneous share, he was RB-8 in opportunity to split RB-4 on target share and RB-10 in the season on route participation.

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And what clearly stands out is the admissions job, right? In terms of runner target, only runners now have a higher target share – Alvin Camara, Christian McCaffrey and Austin Eckeler. This is an elite company that will be around and against a Colts defense that ranks in the top 10 in receiving yards allowed on the running back position and in receiving yards, he is someone you can trust, especially this week, but even going forward. as a border RB-1 every week.

Matt Harmon: I like it, frontier RB-1. He will definitely be one of the correct picks in last year’s draft. Hey Marvin, I can sit here and spin Chris Olav for two hours.

I could take over the rest of the show, bleed into the games. You know I really love this guy. But I want to hear what you’ve seen from him lately.

MARVIN ELEKVIN: Yes, I mean, since the first week started a little slower, but since the second week he has not had a single game below the target share of 20% or below 30% of the area chart. He’s just super involved in this crime. And if you look at his expected fantasy points, his value based on his workload, he will be a wide receiver with 12 expected fantasy points from week three, a wide receiver of 12 yards per run in the season.

And with Michael Thomas, who is now in IR, he is in charge of this offense in the receiving game along with Alvin Kamara, so he is someone you can trust, I think, in this game and in the future. He is their boyfriend. It will be a wide receiver 1 and that will at least get you producing a wide receiver 2 with at least the benefit of being a wide receiver 1.

Matt Harmon: I love it. And he’s definitely established himself as a quarterback. Do you want to win the vertical game with Jameis Winston? Of course he can do it. He’s smart enough, runs reasonably well on routes, a professional who can win with Andy Dalton.

I mean, no matter what happens in New Orleans, you start Chris Olav to the end. I like that analysis there. Let’s talk to you about CeeDee Lamb, a guy who was consistent, he was consistent, but we didn’t necessarily see CeeDee Lamb booming in the first half of the year. Are those moments coming, Marvin?

MARVIN ELEKVIN: Yes, absolutely, and partly it’s just because they missed Dak Prescott, right? He just makes this offense a little more dynamic than with Cooper Rush or any other quarterback. So, if you look at CeeDee Lamb, you can see that he has averaged 31.6% of the target grounds over the season, which is 41.9% of the team’s grounds, but it hasn’t really resulted in a lot of fantastic points yet, right ?

He had a few low games as well as a few high games. But the only wide receivers currently averaging higher target shares per game than Lamb or DeAndre Hopkins are Cooper Kupp and Tyreke Hill. He’s getting volume, and now that Duck is back, we saw last week that 8 innings, 16.3 half PPR points, that’s what I honestly consider baseline. He may have even bigger games in the future. And with Duck there, he’ll be a more consistent 1 wide receiver than a wider 2 wide receiver in the first half. I think it will be a more stable 1 wide receiver in the future.

Matt Harmon: Yes, I like it. Let’s see if he goes to a tear where, like for a month, he crashes a 100-yard game, a 100-yard game, a bunch of touchdowns, no one should be surprised. I know it was a bit slow, but hey, if CeeDee Lamb is the biggest problem on your fantasy team, you’re good to go. We don’t need to hear you complain about this. Let’s finish with rookie Alec Pierce of the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts offense is certainly going through some changes, but Alec Pierce still, he shot for me at least last week when I came back and watched it.

MARVIN ELEKVIN: Definitely yes. And when you look at the target allocation in Sam Allen’s first game, you can see that obviously Michael Pittman just dominated the targets, right? But if you look at the yards there, Alec Pierce led the team with 52.1% of yards with Sam Elinger at quarterback. He had a good, deep reception for 47 yards against cover.

3 of his 5 targets were 20 yards or more and that’s just his game. He may not necessarily dominate the targets, but if he doesn’t then at least he gets deep moves, the ability to play big. And it’s not the best match this week, it’s more of a mid-pack, but when you get some of those deep moves, those goals, it can always turn into a big game and maybe even a touchdown.

Matt Harmon: I would like the Colts to finally deal with this quarterback. Because they have so many dudes who can play on this list. And we have a lot of guys at Sportzshala who can help you, but. Marvin is right up there. Be sure to check out his weekly column on the website which talks about the use of fantasy.

You can follow him on Twitter @ff_marvine. Love to see fellow stressing brother at the show here. Thanks a lot, Marvin. Value your time this morning.


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