Playoff Bracket Busters: Six teams in best spot to create chaos in 2023

The NCAA Collegiate Basketball Tournament is just around the corner, and the pundits are always having fun identifying “grid busters”—lower-seeded teams that might go unnoticed but have a good chance of making a deep run. While college football may not have such an extensive postseason (yet), underdogs still play a big role in the postseason.

Considering most upsets come in the regular season. Only four teams qualify for the playoffs under the current system, so there’s little room for chaos after the semi-finals. So college football’s “bracket busters” may not actually have a bracket, but the same logic applies: lower-ranked teams that stand a good chance of frustrating college football playoff favorites’ hopes of even going that far.

Just think of TCU in 2022 when Cinderella ran through the regular season to make it to the national championship. Or Utah, which ruined USC playoff hopes not once, but twice.

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With that in mind, here are the college football teams that could make the difference in the 2023 playoff race:


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