Ahead of the 2022-23 Premier League season, English top-flight clubs have spent the last few weeks presenting their fans with a new selection of kits for the campaign.

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As always, the inspiration came from afar, with some teams delving into their past for design ideas, some into the future, and some just looking out to sea – Southampton, we’re looking at you!

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Here’s a guide to all the home, away and (where applicable) third replacement shirts every Premier League club has this upcoming season. Some clubs have dealt with this quite well before unveiling their kits as they have been hit by production and distribution delays caused by Asia’s stringent COVID-19 restrictions. According to reports, there are massive delays in production and delivery around the world, especially in countries where many replica football shirts are made, such as China and Vietnam. Because of this, some clubs are unable to provide supporters with their kits for purchase before the start of the season.

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We checked the form of every team that was released for the 30th Premier League season and ranked each club’s efforts on their collective results, from worst in show to best in class.

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20. Wolverhampton Wanderers (Castore)

House: This latest version of the Wolves’ famous black and gold jersey is almost completely indistinguishable from last season’s home jersey. As with their football, this is almost impossible to admire.

Away: The turquoise away kit design with gold braid may look like an homage to Wolverhampton’s public bus upholstery, but the geometric print is inspired by the corners and architecture of the Molyneux Stadium.

19. Leicester City (Adidas)

House: This fairly generic Adidas template kit is slightly raised with a large retro collar and gold club crest, a reminder that the Foxes were champions of England not too long ago (2015-16).

Away: Still to be released.

Thirdly: Emitting a faint “county cricket” vibe, Fox’s new third jersey is predominantly white with pale gold sleeves. The maroon trim is a nod to the away kit that Brendan Rodgers’ team wore in the 2020–21 season when they won the FA Cup for the first time in their history.

18. Leeds United (Adidas)

House: Leeds claim that this kit (still not available for purchase) is inspired by their 1972 FA Cup winning kit, although the resemblance is very slight. It’s nice enough, but essentially we’re looking at a simple set of templates in white, blue, and yellow.

Away: Leeds’ traditional away colors of yellow and blue have been given a modern twist, although you might wonder just how modern and ultra-modern the tie-dye spotted shirt will be in 2022.

17. Aston Villa (Castor)

House: There is a limit to how much kit makers can interfere with Villa’s traditional burgundy and blue color scheme, and the 2022-23 season is no exception. However, the subtle chevron pattern is a nice touch, and it’s nice to see a proper embossed club crest on the chest rather than a cheap vinyl translation.

Away: Standard things from Villa once again. Their away kit is very similar to last season’s design, only with a blue base instead of white.

16. Fulham (Adidas)

House: Despite the launch being delayed by weeks due to global supply issues, Fulham unveiled their new home kit just in time. However, the results are quite predictable. A white shirt with black stripes is standard, although the red wavy pattern on the collar and cuffs (inspired by the nearby River Thames) at least suggests a bit more.

Away: Fulham’s teal and blue away kit is inspired by the brickwork of the Grade II listed building Craven Cottage, which sits in a corner of their stadium. The concept is attractive, but the flamboyant effect is more like a regular goalie uniform than an homage to their unique home.

15. Brentford (Umbro)

House: Contrary to the usual trend, Brentford have confirmed that their 2021–22 home kit will be carried over to a second season to reduce the environmental impact and save money for their fans. A remarkably considerate gesture on both occasions.

Away: The Bees released a new away kit and confirmed they would keep it for two seasons. The T-shirt itself is light blue with a darker “marl” pattern running across it, and features a navy blue trim inspired by the geometric patterned shirts worn on the road in the late 1980s and early 90s.

14. Newcastle United (Castore)

House: A more traditional design that echoes the shapes of the past as a tribute to the club’s 130th anniversary, although the current shade of the soft blue sponsor logo seems out of place and does not match the blue of the club’s crest.

Away: One of many Premier League shirts inspired by the club’s home ground, Newcastle’s blue away kit features a gold line print that mimics the roofline of the Leazes Stand at St James’s Park.

Thirdly: Newcastle have played fleetingly in green and white away kits before, most notably in 1999/00 and then again in 2005/06. The club reverted to these colors – the same as the Saudi Arabian national flag – ahead of their first full season under the Saudi-backed PFI, although there was no official reason for the style choice.

13. Tottenham Hotspur (Nike)

House: On the other hand, the Spurs home form has little to no impact. A white tank top with navy blue and neon yellow trim is clean and sleek, but not likely to be remembered for long. Of little potential interest is the ribbon on the cuffs, which flips over to reveal the word “Spurs” written several times in different scripts.

Away: Designed to look “daring on the road,” the Spurs’ 2022-23 away kit is predominantly bluish purple with neon flashes of “Volt” at the neckline and sleeve cuffs. Too bad the Premier League spotlights aren’t ultraviolet as this jersey glows faintly in the dark in certain lighting conditions.

12. Brighton & Hove Albion (Nike)

House: Brighton haven’t gone too far to find inspiration for their new kit – this kit ‘brings back the feel’ of the 2018-19 season, the club’s second season in the Premier League. This new version has a lovely warm yellow finish to set it all off.

Away: A simple, modern design in bright crimson with contrasting black trim. Crimson also gives a slight “shimmer” effect due to the different color gradients used on the torso. In fact, it looks a lot like the away kit that the English women kept in their lockers (although never worn) for Euro 2022, which is fitting given that the Liones’ stunning 8-0 group stage victory over Norway and a thrilling the quarter-final victory over Spain were both reasons. took place at the Amex stadium.

11. Nottingham Forest (Macron)

House: Forest are back in the top flight after 23 years, and their home kit is getting a bit of local flair with a print inspired by the Victorian ironwork at nearby Trent Bridge. The exact shade of red is a tribute to Giuseppe Garibaldi, who helped unify Italy in the mid-1800s. Garibaldi made a lasting impact on the people of Nottingham after his visit to Britain in the 1860s, shortly after which a group of local amateur footballers adopted his colors for their new club. This club soon became Nottingham Forest and they still play at Garibaldi Red.

Away: The Brazilian colors of yellow, blue and green return to Forest’s away kit for the first time since the 2006-07 season. Again, the trim is infused with a metallic Trent Bridge motif to create an overall design that really makes an impression.

Thirdly: If requested, Forest will call for a navy blue third kit, another with a strong “bus seat” aesthetic thanks to an abstract light blue and coral pattern with the exact same zigzag brushstroke effect favored by bus builders ever since. 1980s.

10. AFC Bournemouth (Umbro)

House: The Cherries have revisited their traditional red and black stripes to create a striking “double zigzag” design that newly promoted parties hope will give them a boost of energy.

Away: Bournemouth’s flamboyant Jacaranda Purple and Baja blue away kits are filled with a downright tropical vibe, with dappled sunlight and misty pastel palm fronds that the clubs say are “inspired by our seaside surroundings”. Everything is very summery, which is sure to look out of place for about 75% of the English football season.

Thirdly: Bournemouth’s third kit is a monochrome tonal uniform with the slogan “All Together”. The lack of color is a deliberate visual metaphor for an internal campaign to promote unity, equality and understanding among all people in the club’s wider family.

9. Southampton (Hummel)

House: Saints left their…