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Preview: Rising Stars Midnight Madness

Rising Stars hold their Midnight Madness camp on Saturday night. It has become one of the busiest events in the Midwest and this year is no different.

This year’s headliners include a recently retired widescreen receiver. Nick Marshdefender Brandon Davis Swainand EDGE Brian Robinson from Ohio. Both are national Top247 prospects.

Also, there are quite a few juniors who come up with college offers. Plymouth forward Idris Cottondefender Southfield A&T Jalen Toddwide receiver wake upMidfielder River Rouge Davon Hilldefensive quarterback Clarkston Desman Stevens and hard end Brody Kosinand Chippewa Valley Deshawn Lanier everyone sticks to the Power Five suggestions.

Caleb Osborne a sporty defender with a big ceiling, dedicated to Toledo. Others with FBS offerings included quarterback. Reggie Gardneron the way back Billy Robersonmidfielder Leo Garcia and Stony Creek offensive lineman Jacob Kropchak.

Good Mason is in a group from Ohio and has seven proposals. On the way back Tanel Rose also has an FBS offering from Akron.

Some of the state’s best players coming in 2025 – Birmingham Groves offensive linesman Avery AllRiveR Lineback Rouge Jordin FarrowU D Jesuits Zachary Green And Elijah Dotsonand advocate for the Detroit Catholic Center Bo Jackson will be present.

There will also be a few 24s who want to prove themselves, including Lake Orion. Caydon DeGraffenreid and protector Lapir Zach Oleiniczak both of which the camp organizers are delighted with.

Among the 26-year-olds who stand a chance of going to college is quarterback De La Salle. Lincoln Watkins and Catholic center offensive lineman Benjamin Ezuka. Elbert Hill comes from Ohio with college offers.


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