Today is the decision day for Cathy (TX) Paetow, a five-star quarterback. David Hickswho will announce his college plans this afternoon at 4:30 pm EST during ESPN College Football Live.

Alabama, Miami, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas and Texas A&M were scrutinized throughout the Hicks trial, but the No. 1 quarterback in Top247 went down heavily considering Oklahoma and Texas A&M.

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“I’m very excited,” Hicks told 247Sports on Tuesday night. “Finally, I’m glad I was able to find a place that I can call home for the next three to four years.”

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Relationships and events were key to Hicks in his decision, and both Aggie and the Sooners have what he’s looking for. Oklahoma has been trending for the Hicks since July, but Texas A&M was considered the first team to win and they don’t quit in the final hours and even got the last two visits for games against Appalachian State and Miami.

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More on this in the video above. As of Tuesday evening, this writer still liked the Sooners turning it down, but again, the decision weighed heavily on Hicks, and he said he was still thinking about playing for Texas A&M.

At 6’4″ and weighing 270 pounds, Hicks is ranked by Top247 as the #1 defensive end in the nation and the #12 prospect overall. In January, he will compete in the Under Armor All-American Game.

“Has all the physical attributes you need, from height/weight to big arms,” ​​247Sports National Analyst Gabe Brooks wrote in his assessment. “Wears the bulk well and probably owns the space in the frame to get to the 300-pound area if desired. Exceptional strength at the point of attack. Deals a powerful, sharp blow with a constant ability to stack and drop blows. Uses effective economy of hand strength, which increases the efficiency of the technique.

“Shows impressive downhill pursuit potential compared to size and role. Snapshots of the early senior season include multiple points for three people, i.e. 0-, 3-, and 5-techs. Can match the appearance of many employees, given the physical tools and functional athleticism. Possesses a strong athletic profile in three sports, including basketball and hurling. Eclipsed the 50-foot shot put threshold and 150-foot discus plateau. Explosive energy is transferred to the grid. Good combination of test data with excellent short shuttle numbers.

“Flashes, throwing aside the power of the attacking linemen. Plays aggressively with a constantly hot engine. Occasionally shows some body control fluctuation that adds a tick to the pursuit route. ability and impressive swimming, but the expanding moveset will continue to raise the pass rush ceiling. Robust, destructive inner strength with the athleticism of a winger in the body of a traditional 4 out of 3 technique. Again, suited to a variety of roles and schemes. The combination of physical attributes, tri-sport profile and on-field performance provides a particularly high long-term ceiling with the potential to be one of the top picks in the NFL Draft.”

If Oklahoma finds Hicks, they will move up from 6th to 2nd in the 247Sports Composite Team Recruiting Rankings. Aggie will move from 24th to 18th place.