Projecting college football’s 11 most intimidating 2023 environments

Defending your home field means everything in college football, especially for contenders for the annual national championship. Taking a look at the 2023 college football roster, there are a few intimidating conditions that are expected to stand out.

Sold-out venues supported by insanely loud crowds are beneficial, especially when home teams are on the defensive and trying to thwart the opposition. The SEC and the Big Ten dominated last year’s college football playoff conversation, and a hostile environment was defined in a couple of late-season games that went in favor of the home side, namely Georgia’s victory over Tennessee and Michigan’s victory over Illinois.

This is a ranking based on many top national programs’ 2023 schedules and who they play at home. The stronger the opponents, the more likely that said team’s environment will be loud. Many of these teams are in the top 25 of 247Sports’ too-early spring rankings.

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Here’s a look at 11 locations that are expected to be the scariest next season.


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