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Proposed NCAA transfer rule changes kicked back to committee

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A recommendation to change the transfer rules for Division I college athletes, which provided for unlimited transfer options with immediate eligibility, was returned to the committee for further study by the NCAA DI Board of Directors.

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The transfer rule proposals were among several that came from the NCAA Transformation Committee and were endorsed by the Division I Council two weeks ago.

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“We have some questions about the proposed transfer package and we will return to this topic again on August 31 at our next meeting. Many of us are concerned about how name and likeness affect the transfer process, and we want to further analyze this issue and its potential impact on graduation rates before taking action,” said University of Georgia President and Chairman of the Board Jere Morehead. in a statement.

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The Board accepted the recommendations of the Transformation Committee, which will allow schools to provide more financial benefits to athletes.

“Schools can now pay more to support a student’s academic performance, purchase insurance such as critical injury or illness and loss of value, and fund participation in elite education, tryouts and competitions,” Transformation Committee Co-Chairs Greg Sankey. , commissioner of the Southeastern Conference, and Julie Kromer, athletic director at Ohio University, said in a statement.

The proposed changes to the transfer rules also included the introduction of sport-specific windows during the school year, where athletes would be required to enter their names on the transfer portal in order to be immediately eligible for the following year.

Winter and spring sports athletes will be required to provide written transfer notice within 60 days of qualifying for an NCAA championship in their sport.

In autumn sports, including football, two entrance windows were proposed. The first will begin the day after the selection for the championship and will last 45 days. The second will be from 1 to 15 May.

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has raised concerns about transfer windows.

“SAAC fully supports several aspects of the transfer concept, but we believe that transfer windows unnecessarily restrict student-athlete freedom of movement,” said Missouri volleyball player Brynn Carlson.

The proposal, which caused alarm among coaches and administrators, was to change the rule to allow athletes to transfer as often as they wish and play immediately while they are academically eligible and progressing towards their degree.

Currently, all athletes are granted a one-time exception that allows them to transfer and become immediately eligible for a new school.

For athletes involved in popular sports such as football and basketball, this one-time exemption was only granted last year. It has been used in other sports for years.

“Based on this dialogue, we will work to refine our proposal to decide how the transfer policy aligns with current academic and performance requirements, and address current and emerging issues facing college athletics.” said Kromer and Sledge. “In addition, we will have the opportunity to learn more about the latest student-athlete proposals for transfer windows.”


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