Question answered: Eli Tomac is untouchable as he wins seventh Daytona Supercross At 86, IndyCar’s Roger Penske still full speed at the helm as a racing and business icon

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida. The week began with the question of whether Eli Tomac is untouchable in Daytona Supercross racing, and the answer was a resounding yes.

Eli Tomac now has seven Daytona Supercross trophies. – Feld Motor Sports

For the seventh time overall and the fifth consecutive time, Tomac won a race that ranks the most drivers in this area with NASCAR’s Daytona 500.. Accordingly, he equaled King Richard Petty with seven victories in the iconic sports race.

Tomac pulled out of a tie with Ricky Carmichael for the most wins in Dayton last year with six, but the record still hangs over him. Carmichael won his five Daytona races in a row. Tomak now also has five in a row. Accordingly, he also broke the tie with Carmichael with a single-handed third-place finish on the winners’ list. James Stewart’s 50 wins are just around the corner, and no one doubts that it will happen in the next few rounds.

“From the start, Cooper and I [Webb] just locked in two all the time,” Tomac said from the top of the podium as the stands emptied and fans rushed onto the stage. “I think he stopped at the finish line at a three and after that you should have been on your lines.

“Actually, before that we had contact on a double in front of the bench, but we were both awake. All I can say is that I love you Daytona.”

Tomac looked defeated at the start of the day. He didn’t finish in the top five in practice, moving up to fourth in qualifying, but once the money was on the line, he won his heat to get a great goal selection.

“I had problems in training,” Tomac told James Stewart in an interview with NBC Sports. “My confidence was not high. There I was constantly losing for a second, but when the lights come on here, the track comes to me, and I really find my flow again.

Tomac passed Webb at the end of the 2022 Daytona Supercross to rob him of the win last year, so an early lead was incredibly important. Tomac grabbed the holeshot by a few inches, but Webb pulled ahead but was unable to sway the points leader. Tomac remained on the rear wheel until a small error with 12 minutes left on the clock allowed Tomac to pass.

“It was a great fight. I have to take my hat off to myself and also to Eli,” Webb said. “I tried my balls ahead. He’s just damn good here, it’s hard. I made a small mistake and we collided. I hoped I hadn’t hit it or ruined anything on the bike. I accidentally hit neutral and he was able to pass. He turned on the afterburner, and I tried my best. It was a dogfight.”

RESULTS: How they finished the 450 Main in Dayton

Around earlier, an interrupted block pass caused both riders to almost fall to the ground. The tomac hit the red-hot bowl, but Webb didn’t want it. He spread his elbows wide and kept his lead.

For the third week in a row, and the fourth time overall, the top three in points made it to the podium together. Chase Sexton finished third, slightly out of position in the standings. He’s now five behind Webb and 10 behind Tomac in a season where none of those three riders have been able to gain a clear lead.

Daytona Supercross
R.J. Hampshire won his heat in his debut 450m race. – Feld Motor Sports

To get a result for third place, Sexton had to endure a fierce battle with Justin Barcia. Chasing third in the middle of the race, Sexton pushed Barcia hard. A circle later, Sexton staggered out of the corner and they touched again.

Jason Anderson rounded out the top five for the third time in a row and finished no worse than seventh.

Debuting on the 450, RJ Hampshire had a great weekend and finished in the top 10. He started the race in the top five and paled a little in the Main Event, but no one can take away his first race win in his first big bike start.

“It’s hard to get someone to give you a race if you’ve never been to a 450 before, especially here in Dayton,” Hampshire NBC Sports told Will Christien. “Dude, this is special. I told the guys we were going to do a holeshot no matter what. Didn’t think we’d be holding on to it, but you know what: just ecstatic.”

After a disappointing round at Arlington in which he barely earned an overall podium finish, Hunter Lawrence decided he would not wait for the race to come to him. On lap 1 of the Main, he beat last week’s winner Nate Thrasher. Lawrence took his eighth 250-point victory after taking off the field.

With this win, Hunter joined his Jett Lawrence as the only brothers to win this race, as the East’s 250-point leader stood by to watch. Jett won this race last year.

“We didn’t go through the first turn that bad, but I just saw an opportunity on the sandy stretch,” Lawrence said. “It wasn’t perfect, but I accepted it and never looked back. I passed Tom [Vialle] in whoops and if got a little sketchy in the middle with light sprinkling. We’re working too hard on it not to enjoy it.”

Lawrence had one previous start in Dayton. In 2021, he finished a distant sixth, 20 seconds behind winner Cameron McAdoo.

After scoring podium finishes in his first two races, Max Anstey struggled in the Triple Crown format at Arlington but still finished in the top five. He apparently missed the opportunity to stand on the podium because he survived most of the field to finish second and maintain his top five streak.

“It was a rough morning and I had to take a few belly breaths after the heat, but we came back swaying,” Anstey told NBC Sports Will Christien.

Runner-up Anstey lifted him to second in points, 14 behind Lawrence.

Click here to see the full 250 top results.

In his fourth start in the 250m East, Hayden Deegan claimed his first career podium. However, this was not much of a surprise as he finished fourth in his first two races at Houston and Tampa. Last week, Deegan struggled in Arlington on a hard and smooth track. Before the Dayton race, he said the dirt was harder than he expected.

“I’m over the roof,” Deegan said. “This is a sore point for me right now. I worked my hardest and a lot of people doubted me, but in the end I came in third and the crowd was tired. I heard them every lap on the front and I’m so excited to be here for my fourth race.”

Jordon Smith bolstered his second-place finish at Arlington with a fourth-place finish.

Jeremy Martin rounded out the top five.

After being dropped by Lawrence, Thrasher made his way back across the field and was running 10th when he crashed a second time. He moved and moved back up to 10th place in checkers. Adding to his frustration, Thrasher took the heat to victory.

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SAINT PETERSBURG, Florida. On February 20, Roger Penske turned 86 years old.

He definitely doesn’t let age break him.

“We’re very happy with that,” Penske told NBC Sports as the season prepares to kick off Sunday’s Firestone Grand Prix in St. Petersburg. “Our organization and our people are fully committed and we can’t wait to start racing.”

Chairman of Penske Corporation and owner of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IndyCar and Indianapolis 500 is a man who is constantly on the move.

His company vehicle on the driver/owner motorhome at the Firestone Grand Prix in St. Petersburg is constantly followed by business leaders, sponsors, team owners and other dignitaries who come to meetings.

As one of the leading businessmen and industrialists in…


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