Rams get Baker Mayfield on waivers


Rumors about Baker Mayfield the direction to the Rams was true.

Mayfield was awarded a waiver by the Rams today. He will reportedly fly to Los Angeles tonight and be able to play for the Rams, who are in desperate need of a quarterback position, as early as Thursday night. Matthew Stafford injured.

The Rams will pay Mayfield $1.35 million for the remainder of this season. Mayfield will become a free agent after the season, and while the Rams are investing in Stafford as a franchise quarterback, they will certainly value Mayfield in terms of bringing him back as Stafford’s understudy next year.

There is no information on how many other teams have applied to vacate Mayfield, but the 3-9 Rams are currently third in the order of waivers, so only the Bears and Texans—the two worst-performing teams—could have received Mayfield after the Rams filed. claim.

The Panthers, who traded Mayfield over the summer, now don’t count towards the $1.35 million left over from his 2022 paycheck.

Source: profootballtalk.nbcsports.com